“The Boss Baby: Family Business” – Characters Ranked

“The Boss Baby: Family Business” – Characters Ranked
“The Boss Baby: Family Business” – Characters Ranked

Credit: DreamWorks

The Boss Baby: Family Business,s aka The Boss Baby 2, is an American animated film based on Marla Frazee’s book “The Bossier Baby.” Universal Pictures released this film in 2021, while DreamWorks Animation Studio produced it. This was the follow-up to the first boss baby film, which was released in 2017. Tom McGrath directed it, Jeff Hermann produced it, and Tom McGrath and Michael McCullers penned the story. This film was an instant success, as if the dynamite of cuteness and authority had suddenly detonated in the animated film industry.

1. Boss Baby

Let’s begin with Theodore Lindsey Templeton, also known as the legendary boss baby; in the film, he is also referred to as Ted. Like in the first film, Ted is one of the franchise’s most humorous yet intense characters. He is a very self-centered person and is an extreme workaholic. As for Ti, his elder brother is a family guy. Although Ted is a very successful and wealthy man,e to; the most he can do to get out of any situation is thrown money on the table.

When Tim makes Ted drink the unique milk formula in the bottle from baby Corp, they both go down memory lane and visit Baby Corp. That is where Ted finally remembers his past. After spending some adventurous and quality time with his family, The Legendary Boss baby realizes the value of family and decides to dedicate more time to them.

2. Tina Templeton

“The Boss Baby: Family Business” – Characters Ranked

Credit: DreamWorks

Oh boy, Oh boy! One of the reasons for the film’s success is the character we will talk about next, Tin,  a boss baby. Tina is the riskiest, most cute, most intelligent, slick, and most charismatic character. Tina is Tim’s daughter,r as well as Ted’s niece. Baby Corp. dispatched her. on a mission to destroy The Acorn Centre, the main branch of a morally corrupt school, to distance children from their parents.

When her father discovers she is on this mission, she incorporates him into the plan. She sends Ted a falsified voicemail about her sister getting injured, causing him to arrive the next day. This results in a very catastrophic and hilarious plot. Tina was an excellent addition to the film sequel, and her fan base has grown exponentially.

3. Tim Templeton

“The Boss Baby: Family Business” – Characters Ranked

Credit: DreamWorks

Tim Leslie Templeton is one of the key figures in this movie. The elder brother of Ted as well as the loving father of Tina and Tabitha. He is a highly active and humble person who enjoys having fun and exploring new things. This first child is adorable and has an unusually vital role in this movie

Tim is seen to be heartbroken that his brother didn’t spend enough time with him. He believes that their unbreakable bond is shattered. Soon after, he observes that Tabitha, his oldest daughter, has started distancing herself from him. First, First,t his brother had drifted away,y and now his daughter. 

But after he has a small talk with Wizzie, his old toy, He learns that Tina worked for Baby Corp. On top of that, Tabitha’s school is to blame for everything, which changes his perspective. So Tim sets out to stop this school and get his family back together.

 4. Dr. Erwin Armstrong

“The Boss Baby: Family Business” – Characters Ranked

Credit: DreamWorks

“We may be small, but we are about to teach the grownups a big lesson.”

Dr. Erwin Armstrong founded the Acorn Center to separate children from their parents. Moreover, he plans on using their young intelligence to conquer the world. Dr.’s parents used him as an experiment, exposing him to a variety of language lessons as well as radio broadcasting. After a while, he realized he was more intelligent than his parents and left to start school. That too in a robotic body, weird, yes. But his plan backfires when Tina, Tim, and Ted spoil his so-called “Baby Revolution.” He becomes unfortunate when he sees all the children delightedly meeting their parents. Thisesmakese him reunite with his family at the end of Boss Baby 2.

You can watch Boss Baby: The Family Business on Disney +.


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