The Five Best Catfight Scenes from the OG Cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Five Best Catfight Scenes from the OG Cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Five Best Catfight Scenes from the OG Cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Real Housewives television franchise would not have garnered this much attention over the years if not for its controversial issues and dramatic catfights. Each installment had its own fair share of memorable moments that make for epic reality television. Call it staged or scripted, but the housewives certainly know how to put on a show. Out of all the installments, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) remains to be one of the most successful. There is just something so appealing about watching women who seem to have it all, and who are already living in one of the most expensive zip codes in America, continue to stir the pot and create drama just for the heck of it. Here are the five best catfight scenes from the OG cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (in no particular order):

5. Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer’s dinner fight

The tension was already felt as early as the first few episodes of the installment’s series premiere. The scene where the girls go on an out-of-town trip and get into an argument over dinner was sort of a premonition of the additional drama that was to come. The explosive moment happened when Camille claimed that Kyle asked if anyone would care about Camille if her famous ex-husband, actor Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) was not there. Kyle lost her cool and accused Camille of being a liar. It was a “he said, she said” moment that started off as a fun girl’s night out that ended up in flames.

4. The “dinner party from hell”

One of the most iconic scenes from the earlier seasons of the RHOBH happened during the dinner party that was hosted by Camille. What was supposed to be a joyous occasion and bringing together of friends turned into a nasty altercation that involved psychic readings and rehashing of old issues. There’s a reason the past should be left in the past. Camille invited her close friend Allison Dubois, an author and purported medium to the dinner, while Kyle also brought one of her close friends, television personality and interior designer, Faye Resnick, as her plus one. What was supposed to be a nice get together turned a nasty turn when the housewives, who were fascinated by Allison’s psychic abilities, requested her to do a reading for them. Allison refused as she did not feel like mixing work and play, as she took on some subtle jabs on the housewives. This did not sit well until the whole dinner party turned chaotic and confrontational. Old squabbled were rehashed and own alliances were formed. This dinner party would put all those other boring dinner parties into shame.

3. Kyle and Kim Richards’ limousine fight

There are some instances in life where blood is not always thicker than water. The scene where sisters, Kyle and Kim, got into a heated argument inside a limousine revealed a lot of unspoken issues. Kyle calls Kim an alcoholic, while Kim accuses Kyle of stealing their mother’s home from her. Emotions were at an all-time-high and hurtful words were spewed out one after the other. We have seen the sister clash on the show countless of times, but this time was different. The wounds were deep and the unspoken emotions were heavy. Fortunately, the two made up afterwards and tried to maintain a more civil relationship with one another.

2. Game night turned fight night

It’s not surprising to see Kyle involved in a lot of these catfights throughout the earlier seasons. She may seem like an innocent housewife who is everyone’s friend, but there is also a side to her that is scheming and addicted to drama. She also found a new frenemy in Brandi Glanville, one of the housewives who started appearing on the show from season 2 onwards. This controversial scene happened during a game night that was hosted by the housewives’ friend, Dana Wilkey. Kyle and Kim disliked Brandi from the get-go and were in no mood in playing games with her. The events of the night escalated when Brandi put her defenses up by throwing shade on Kim and accusing of her doing drugs when she felt like she was being ganged on. This turns into a full-blown catfight as Kyle comes to her sister’s defenses. The Richards sisters brought a whole other meaning to all for one and one for all.

1. Taylor Armstrong’s beach house breakdown

Another iconic scene from the earlier seasons of the series has turned into a meme that has been used and shared countless of times already. Taylor had one of the most tumultuous storylines in the series, and she did not take it easily at first. She had gone through a rocky marriage that involved domestic violence, and ended in a nasty divorce. A month after filing for divorce, her husband, Russell, was also accused of fraudulent business practices that ended with him committing suicide. It was one of the biggest tragedies that was seen on the series. Taylor’s breakdown scene happened during a beach house gathering, after Camille made a verbal attack on Taylor regarding her troubled marriage and claims of domestic abuse. Taylor was at a stage in her life where she wanted to ask for help, but as scared to fully speak up in fear of what her husband could do to her. Taylor goes on rampage mode after Camille’s accusations, which ended up in a tearful exchange that is easily makes up one of the most memorable confrontations in the series.

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