The Five Best Cate Blanchett Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Cate Blanchett Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Cate Blanchett Movies of Her Career

Cate Blanchett isn’t the type of actress you could call the favorite of everyone but the great part is that it doesn’t matter since those that can’t see her genius don’t really need to. She can play various roles in a manner that leaves each one of them as a distinct and recognizable person, sometimes to the point that you have to wonder if it’s really her that’s filling the role or someone that looks like her. Actors that can do this are enormously impressive since they step so far into their roles that they almost disappear in favor of allowing the character to come forth and take over. That being said she does possess a great deal of skill and it’s kind of hard to really nail down just five movies of hers that are that great. So honestly it comes down to a matter of moments and which films she delivers in to the greatest extent.

Here are just a few of her best movies.

5. The Gift

The Gift really didn’t get enough credit for what it was and how Cate had to act like a woman on the edge half the time since she had three young boys in the house to take care of and a town that was divided over whether she was a godless witch or a truly gifted person. She could see into a person’s life in the same way that a malfunctioning flashlight lets you see into the shadows. It wasn’t perfect and it didn’t come with a manual but she saw things all the same and had to sort them out. But when things really started to happen in the movie she didn’t just snap to attention, she was just as lost as she was in the beginning, and that was kind of refreshing.

4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This kind of seems like the process of life defying the aging process and nature since Benjamin was born with the functions of an 80-year old, meaning that he could have kicked off at any moment. But thanks to his adopted mother he managed to not only survive, but to thrive as well. As he grew older he started looking younger, until finally he and his childhood sweetheart, which was awkward since he looked like an old man, looked roughly the same age and could finally be accepted as a couple. Benjamin’s story wasn’t entirely happy however as he had to suffer loss and tragedy along the way as well.

3. The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

Galadriel is just someone you don’t mess with as this clip shows. In the first trilogy she was depicted as more or less a very nice but regal elven woman that was serious but still kind-hearted. Yes she did have her freakout moment when Frodo offered her the ring, but despite this she still refused the power and settled down again. In this clip she lets it be known quickly that she’s not one to be trifled with. Even when it seems that she’s too weak to go on she taps into that darker half and deals with Sauron in a way that no one else in the trilogies has done, ever. So yes, she is the one elf, or the one character, that no one in this story should ever dare think of crossing.

2. The Aviator

The story is all about Howard Hughes but she does put in an extended appearance as Katherine Hepburn and she does a great job at it as well. The movie seems to have taken some artistic license as a lot of movies such as this tend to do and quite honestly it seems a bit out of control and crazy at times. But some would go on record, and gladly so, to claim that Howard Hughes was in fact a rather troubled individual and had a great number of personality quirks that made him seem like a very odd person. That being said he’s still one of the more influential people in history that is still remembered to this day.

1. Blue Jasmine

Jasmine is kind of a disturbing character since you want to feel sorry for her but at the same time she lashes out at those in her life with such vehemence that you can’t help but desire a good distance from her as well. She’s the type of character that will find fault with others but will try to lie in order to make her life seem a bit better. That kind of individual is really hard to feel sorry for but is also kind of hard to condemn with every breath as well. In any case she did manage to ruin the lives of those closest to her in a fit of rage so condemnation might come a little easier than pity.

Cate Blanchett is a great actress, that’s really all there is to say.

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