Star Wars Theory Says Rey’s Sith Dagger is Huge Key to the Movie

Kylo Rey

It seems hard to think that in a story where lightsabers and the Force are such powerful weapons that a simple dagger might actually be the key to solving the imbalance in the Force, but this is Star Wars, stranger things have happened. This time around however the dagger that Rey can be seen holding in the latest trailer is thought to be the Dagger of Mortis, an ancient Sith artifact that might be more important than a lot of people realize since if anyone’s been paying attention to the Clone Wars saga and can pinpoint just where this mythical dagger showed up, they might realize what Thomas Bacon from ScreenRant is getting at when it he goes on about how this dagger could be the real game-changer when it comes to finally putting Palpatine down for good. In light of bringing back old characters people had to understand that despite his apparent death on the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi, Palpatine was a man that planned ahead for a good number of contingencies. Think of him as an evil mastermind and you might find that the limits to which his power extend aren’t nearly as short as you might think, since this is a man that had a very big role in taking down an order that had lasted long enough to remember when the Republic was still a fledgling thing. Palpatine is perhaps one of the biggest baddies that has ever been seen in the movies, and this is due largely to the fact that he has the willpower, the determination, and the desire to seek out power and the knowledge to make himself immortal and thereby a continual threat to the galaxy.

Thinking this entire trilogy was by design however is a bit of a stretch, though it would be an interesting way to wrap things up since from the beginning it’s been kind of left flapping in the wind no matter how much some people have leaped to the defense, including myself. Palpatine is without a doubt one of the heaviest hitters in the entire Star Wars franchise since it’s been seen that he knows how to handle a lightsaber, he can wield Force lightning like few others, and he has a shrewd and calculating mind that’s allowed him to do unspeakable and undeniably clever things throughout his time as a despot and Sith lord. This is THE main bad guy that’s been around for a while and has lasted through two trilogies and is now going to end up having a great deal to do with the third since no matter who wants to kill this idea, Palpatine has to have been a plant since the beginning of this current trilogy given that he’s a master schemer and one that will gladly sit behind the scenes and watch havoc unfold while smiling the whole while. But the dagger, ah yes that seemingly innocuous weapon that one might not think anything of, is thought to be the sacred and mystical weapon that was created in the Clone Wars saga and has the power to kill immortal beings. That would certainly factor into this story since it’s become obvious that Palpatine did what his master, Darth Plageius, never could, he found a way to beat death.

There’s going to be a lot of closure, hopefully, in this movie and we’ll finally see some things laid to rest since the era of Skywalker is said to be ending despite the title of the episode, and we’ll never see Rey, Kylo, or the lot of them again as it would seem. That being the case, this last movie really needs to reach for the bar and vault over it while resetting it on the way back down to its eventual climax, since the last movie fell well short of it, much as The Empire Strikes Back seemed to back in the day. There are already plenty of people thinking that this next movie will put Star Wars out of its misery, and thanks to the Mouse House, which has been cherry-picking ideas from the seemingly non-canonical EU at its leisure, that though process is unfortunately valid to some. But with this movie things have to go so far out of bounds that people will be made to remember why the movie is so great and why the franchise is something that will be talked about for decades to come when the lot of us that have already been fans for decades are old and feeble and still remember the good old days.

So is one dagger going to be enough to make this story finally come to a close and allow others to be noticed? It’s hard to say, but at this point one can’t help but wonder if it’s all that simple.

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