The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 7: “Our Father Who Art In Vegas” Recap

The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 7: “Our Father Who Art In Vegas” Recap

The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 7: “Our Father Who Art In Vegas” Recap

On The Cleaning Lady Season 1, Episode 6, Thony refused to participate in an unethical surgery on a young child in exchange for Luca’s liver transplant. Now she’s back to square one. After weeks of speculating whether Thony and Arman would give in to their undeniable chemistry, the two shared a passionate kiss. Thony’s husband’s visa was approved and now he is in town. In The Cleaning Lady Season 1, Episode 7 we get an inside look at Thony and Marco’s marriage which seems more like a casual friendship than an actual marriage. Thony doesn’t act like a woman that hasn’t seen her husband in a year. She avoided intimate touches, stating that they had a lot of issues they needed to work out. Instead, she made it a point to focus all their attention on Luca.

Trouble In Paradise

No wonder Thony and Arman are finding comfort in each other. They are both stuck in troublesome marriages. Nadia and Arman’s relationship is all about power and prestige. Thony accuses Marco of coming to the US on gambling money. She reveals that he has a serious gambling addiction that nearly cost them everything and drove a wedge into their marriage. Marco doesn’t know anything about Thony’s extracurricular activities with the mob or the Feds. Therefore, it’s going to be a lot harder for Thony to randomly disappear for hours at a time. Thony gets a call from Arman, he needs help cleaning up a “mess.” Apparently, he was forced to kill a man that was going to tell Hayak about the gun deal. Thony let Arman know that her husband had come back from overseas. When Thony returns, Fiona grills her about her relationship with Arman as she doesn’t want to be put in the middle of her best friend and her brother’s relationship. Thony assures Fiona that she’s not sleeping with her boss.

Saving Luca

Fortunately, as Luca’s condition worsens Thony and Marco manage to find him a donor. A young lady from a church group is willing to donate her liver for $20,000. Thony mentions the good news to Arman and he immediately offers to pay for the surgery. Arman never fails to step up for Thony. In fact, they have been helping each other since the beginning. Of course, when Marco finds out that Arman is funding his son’s surgery he’s infuriated. To be honest he has every right to be. How could some man that he doesn’t even know, that’s supposedly a criminal just swoop in and save the day. Although Marco’s feelings are legitimate, he ultimately needs to put his pride to the side because it’s about saving his son’s life. It doesn’t matter where the help comes from just as long as it comes. Marco confronts Arman at the bar. Sensing that Thony is uncomfortable Arman tries his best to remain civil to Marco. Obviously, Marco doesn’t know who he’s messing with. In an effort to soothe his pride, Marco tries to flip the secret stash of money that Thony was hiding to help pay M. At the casinos.


In an effort to soothe his pride, Marco tries to flip the secret stash of cash that Thony was hiding to help pay Luca’s healthcare costs at the casino.  Needless to say, he loses it all.  It’s easy to see why Thony seems to have fallen out of love with her husband. Marco is selfish, a irresponsible parent and his stubbornness prevents him from being the type of mate that Thony needs. How dare he even risk gambling his son’s life-saving funds away? Fiona chastises him for thwarting all of the hard work that Thony has put in over the last few months to keep Luca alive. After witnessing Marco and Arman’s confrontation Nadia isn’t feeling confident in Arman’s ability to secure their future. Nadia knows that Arman has feelings for the cleaning lady and when she finds out that he’s planning on using some of the money from the gun deal to save her son she fears that Arman is going to blow up their future.

Unbeknownst to Thony and Arman, Garrett has been making progress on the truck full of guns. Garrett used some illegal methods to track down the guns and intercepted the operation so that he could get a warrant. Now that he knows where his stash is at, Arman’s future is at risk. Without the money from that sale he won’t be able to set him and Nadia up. Nadia could turn on him and dime him out to Hayak. Also, Arman won’t be able to pay for Luca’s surgery. Since Marco gambled away the extra money that Thony had saved, how would they get Luca the medical care he needs? Poor Thony, in every episode it seems like she takes one step forward just to take two steps back.

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