The Best Uses of Sarah McLachlan Songs in Movies or TV

It might sound cheesy but if any of you remember when Sarah McLachlan’s career really took off there was something magical about her voice that was so captivating that it couldn’t help but inspire and motivate a great many people to want to actually become a singer/songwriter at that moment. Obviously the feeling passed but the love of her music didn’t since once she came on the scene she was one of the most popular artists around. If you recall, she was among the several women that were insanely popular around that time as Paula Cole, Lisa Loeb and several others were doing their absolute best to make a name for themselves and to strike a huge blow for women in the music industry. Another fun fact to recall is that she was in a big way responsible for Lilith Fair, an event that a lot of people saw as important at the time.

Here are some of her songs that have appeared in TV and in movies.

5. Scream Queens – I Will You Remember You

Scream queens is another attempt to capitalize on beautiful women in danger on TV. Of course there’s a lot more to it than that but this is one of the main points that seems to be driven home throughout the show and one that seems to be a driving purpose behind the whole plot. People have been entertained for quite some time by young, beautiful women that are constantly in some type of danger and are continually threatened with bodily harm and death. It’s kind of a morbid part of culture really but it’s not something that seems to be ready to slow down anytime soon as it does get ratings, which equals out to money in the end.

4. ASPCA Commercial – Angel

There are people that love these commercials because it’s for a good cause and shows that a lot of animals need a great deal of care and that the celebrity endorsing the agency is someone that genuinely cares about what they’re saying. But to others it’s a blatant excuse to show animals suffering on screen and a way to earn even more money for an agency that might not do much more than the bare minimum to protect the creatures it’s trying to save. While that’s extremely cynical and not likely the whole truth the idea of showing animals suffering on screen does have a polarizing effect on many people.

3. The Brave One – Answer

One moment of senseless violence is all it takes to change a person sometimes. When she loses her fiance one night to a band of thugs and is injured in the process Erica finds that she no longer wants to just sit still and do nothing. She wants to find the men that did this to her and in the effort to do so she has to toughen up in a way she would have never expected she could do. Becoming a vigilante killer she leaves a wide trail of bodies behind her that eventually has the police on her trail, but in the end she gets her vengeance, and it’s none other than the detective that’s been on her trail that allows her the chance to take what’s hers.

2. I Am Sam – Blackbird

This has to be one of the most touching stories that’s ever com across the screen and on top of that it’s one of the best performances that Sean Penn has ever put up. As Sam he’s a mentally deficient man that was not only left on his own to care for a newborn but it’s been established that his mental capacity is at the same level as that of a 7-year old child. What this means is that by the time his daughter, Lucy, is 8 years old she’ll have probably surpassed him in intelligence and capability. But throughout it all Sam never stops loving his daughter, and eventually thanks to the network of friends he builds up that’s more than enough.

1. Sarah McLachlan – Building A Mystery

It should have been a guess by now that this video would pop up at the end since it was one of her best and most alluring songs when she first came on the scene and more than that, it was one of those that you just can’t get out of your head once it’s in there. More to the point, I’m not sure if anyone would agree, but I don’t want it out once it’s in since it has the haunting quality of calming one’s nerves in a way that’s hard to explain save to say that it’s about as soothing as listening to the surf roll into shore on the beach, or the wind sighing through the trees, or any number of comparisons you’d want to use.

Yeah, you’re workin’, building a mystery.

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