The Best Uses of Flo Rida Songs in Movies or TV

Looking at his bio it seems that Flo Ride kind of bounced around a little bit in college, flirting with the idea of an education, but eventually wound up returning to his love of music and the possibility of a career that would go somewhere since he’d been hanging around a member of 2 Live Crew for some time. After losing one of his sisters to bronchitis when he was young Flo Rida dedicated a lot of his time and effort to his music and while he did have a life in-between all that he’s still been all about the music for a while and has been seen to blow up on the scene from time to time when he comes out with a hot new single. His career took a major upswing years ago when his music started showing up in movies and TV shows as people found his sound something great that they just couldn’t put down.

Here are just a few of his songs that have made it onto TV and into movies.

5. WWE RAW – Good Feeling

Flo Rida has actually done more than just RAW for the WWE as he’s headlined a couple of pay per views as well. The business hit kind of a lull no matter how popular it’s been for so long after the Attitude Era was gone, but when it started signing new talent and bringing in performers that people knew and loved the numbers started rising again as people were interested to see what was going on in the world of pro wrestling and just what new attractions were being rolled out for them to see. Since then it’s been kind of up and down but the business aspect has been doing great since the McMahon’s have been on top of hiring the best in musical entertainment when they feel the need.

4. Hotel Transylvania 2 – G.D.F.R.

Who knew that Dracula could bust a move? While in the first film he was highly protective of his daughter, this film sees him trying to ascertain whether his daughter’s vampiric nature or Johnny’s human side will be dominant in his grandson Dennis. Throughout the movie Dracula does nothing but worry over whether Dennis’ powers will begin to develop, but it’s only when Dennis sees his friends in danger that he finally realizes his potential and becomes just as strong if not stronger than his mother and grandfather. In a family of vampires it seems likely that Johnny might be kind of the odd man out despite being Dennis’ father.

3. The Karate Kid – Low

The funny thing about this is that the first Karate Kid movies were all about Japanese martial arts and this movie takes place in China. A lot of people have seen fit to point that out but naming the film The Kung Fu Kid might not have been the best choice since it might not have earned even half of what it did. You have to admit that Dre is kind of a fun character in that he’s a kid out of his element and has almost no friends except for the girl he has a crush on and his reluctant mentor, Mr. Han. But still, it does deliver the kind of emotion that the original had, if only in a completely different country.

2. Deadpool – G.D.F.R.

Deadpool is the kind of antihero that won’t ever claim to be a hero but he has a set of morals that make the things he says and does kind of, well, awkward. But throughout it all he’s still a guy that’s looking for revenge and isn’t bound to stop until he gets it. But along the way he at least tries to be a decent guy to some people since he’s not a total bad guy as he was depicted in the comics when he first arrived on the scene. In this movie he’s all about one-liners, killing the bad guys, and doing it in a way that proves that he’s not really one of the good guys, but is someone that’s going to get the job done all the same.

1. Step Up 3D – Club Can’t Handle Me

The astounding mix of love and dance and the love of dance in these films might seem cheesy to some people but it’s pure rush to other folks since the art of dancing is something that you can’t get out of your head once you learn it. Training your body to feel the rhythm and loving what it means to you with each intricate movement is something that a person can’t help but appreciate as the smooth movements and quick, jerking twitches are combined in a way that simply makes too much sense to be ignored or even denied if a person really loves dancing that much. Sometimes it’s not much of a choice which direction a person needs to take to follow their dreams, as Moose and Luke find out throughout the movie.

Flo Rida’s got the right of it.

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