The Bad Batch: War-Mantle Recap

The Bad Batch: War-Mantle Recap

What fans have been waiting for has finally happened, and if you’re not ready for spoilers then you might want to stop reading. But moving ahead, the Bad Batch has been steadily moving towards a conflict that’s been in the making since the first episode as Crosshair has finally caught up to them, well, one of them at least. On another mission for Cid, the clones are sent a message by Captain Rex, who appears to be trying to stay on the move and stay out of sight as much as possible. The request that they help to rescue another clone from a far-off, supposedly uninhabited world has the clones on edge, especially Hunter. But when it’s decided that it would be best if they went and checked it out, the group makes their way to an out-of-the-way planet known only as Daro, where the clone’s last transmission came from apparently. Upon tracking the clone the Bad Batch finds something they hadn’t expected, an Imperial outpost that was built within a mountain. 

In the meantime, things on Kamino have gone from bad to worse as Admiral Rampart has been given orders to shut the place down and to take any Kaminoans prisoner if they can be useful. This doesn’t include the Prime Minister, who is supposedly slain behind closed doors. Back on Daro, the clones have found the captured clone, who calls himself Gregor, and they’ve also discovered that the stormtroopers being used as their replacements are regular human beings, not clones, which in their eyes makes no sense considering that they were bred to be superior fighters and soldiers. But as they try to escape, the numbers game starts to come into play as the entire base is alerted to their presence and the race to escape begins. Thankfully, Omega and Wrecker were kept as the backup at the ship to come and help the rest of the group if they needed it. 

Through some fancy flying and Wrecker’s uncertain aim when it comes to picking of Imperial pursuers, nearly everyone is rescued, but during the escape, Hunter is lost after he tries to jump to the ship and loses his grip on the ramp. After a horrific fall and an order to the others to escape, Hunter is taken captive, and it’s none other than Crosshair that comes to taunt him in his cell. This is the confrontation that people have been waiting for since the show started, and it’s going to be fun to see Crosshair and Hunter match wits next week, and one can only guess that the others are going to attempt an escape plan, and Crosshair will be ready. Since the beginning of this season, Crosshair has been adamant that clones are still every bit as useful as ever, and that stormtroopers won’t be able to replace them. From what’s been seen so far it’s likely that Crosshair is right since the human troopers fell pretty easily to the clones, who were spot-on when targeting their enemies. One trooper did take a bit of extra effort to bring down, likely thanks to heavily reinforced armor that allowed him to shake off a good deal of the stun bolts until they overwhelmed the armor. 

Things are changing in the clones’ world, and they’re just now starting to realize how much as they continue to see what the Empire is capable of and how far they’re willing to go to impose ‘order’ upon the galaxy. We’re going to have to wait until next week to see what happens to Hunter, and what the others are going to do now that the Empire is likely on high alert for their presence. It’s fair to think that Captain Rex might actually make another appearance, or that the Cid might show that she has a heart by trying to find a way to get him rescued. It’s not likely, but the Trandoshan could possibly surprise everyone by showing that she might have a soft spot for the clones and is willing to do what it takes to keep them around. Again, it feels unlikely, but one never knows until it finally happens.

We’re coming up on the final episodes of the season, and it does feel likely that we could see another season being confirmed eventually since it was never mentioned as a limited series. It also feels as though the show could coincide with other animated series in a second season since we’ve already seen Hera Syndulla and it’s obvious that the clones will be having more than one run-in with the Empire. A big question though will be if Crosshair will rejoin the group or if he’ll continue to be a loyal supporter of the Empire, only to, later on, realize that the Empire has little if any use for clones any longer. 

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