The Amazing Race Season 26 Episode 2 Review: “I Got The Smartest Dude”

The Amazing Race

One of the interesting things about The Amazing Race is that sometimes the team that gets sent home did everything they could correctly, and it was just bad luck that made them the last to the finish line. When this happens, you feel bad for the team, wishing that they would be given one more chance. Other times, however, the team that goes home so obviously deserves to that all you can do is sit back and laugh as you watch it unfold.

The race continued in Japan, as the teams made their way to the city of Nagano. Once there, they were met with a Roadblock, requiring one member of the team to solve an intricate puzzle. Blind date couples Jelani and Jenny, Tyler and Laura, and Jeff and Jackie all got a head start, as they had finished the last leg of the race the quickest. These three couples still seem to be working together the best out of all the teams. One of the established couples, Matt and Ashley, attributed this to the fact that they were just meeting each other and therefore weren’t as comfortable with expressing how they really felt.

Whatever the reason, the blind date couples once again excelled, quickly making their way through the puzzle and onto the detour. There, they had the choice between sharing a meal together by feeding each other noodles or skating around an ice rink while pushing their partner on a chair. Jelani and Jenny and Tyler and Laura made quick work of the noodles, landing them in first and second place, while Jeff and Jackie struggled a bit with the ice rink, dropping them to sixth place. It was Olympians Aly and Steve who skated into third place, unsurprising because of their background in skating.

The rest of the teams made it through the challenges relatively drama-free. The other blind date couples struggled a bit, as Bergen and Kurt couldn’t seem to figure out the noodle challenge due to not knowing each other very well. Hayley and Blair came close to be eliminated but did seem to be getting along better this week, but I have a feeling that will be short-lived as the race moves on and the tension continues to grow.

It was established couple Libby and CJ who ultimately were eliminated last night, and frankly, they didn’t seem to care at all. Libby seems more concerned with getting CJ to propose while CJ is more concerned with constantly evading the question of marriage. The two took their time throughout the leg of the race, going so far as to miss the bullet train because they were too busy taking a selfie (Side note: the selfies and hashtags that they introduced are already beyond annoying. Please make it stop). At the detour, they were mostly just excited to find out that they’d get to eat a good meal, unconcerned with the fact that it was part of the competition. When they finally made it to Phil, they took the news that they were eliminated well, and before they left, Libby had to make one more reference to marriage.

The fact that Libby and CJ didn’t seem to care much about the race makes it even more disappointing that they weren’t the ones to go home on Wednesday. Instead we had to say goodbye to a couple who truly wanted to be there. But at least we won’t have to deal with those two anymore. I just hope they didn’t miss their flight home because they were too busy taking a selfie.

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