Suits Season 1 Episode 4 Review: “Dirty Little Secrets”

Suits Season 1 Episode 4 Review: “Dirty Little Secrets”


Secrets are about to come out in this episode of Suits. Louis decides to quiz Mike and Seth, one of the other associates, facts about Harvard University in his office. Mike answers everything correctly, but when Louis asks him where would he get a square pizza, Mike can’t come up with an answer. The genius associate then manages to redeem himself when Seth answers the final question incorrectly. As the associates disperse, Mike meets up with Harvey outside an empty conference room and expresses his concern that Louis knows that he didn’t go to Harvard. Harvey assures the worrying genius that Louis may be a devious person, but he’s not bold enough to look into Mike’s past.

I liked the case that Jessica had Harvey handle in this episode because it directly relates to the incurable Lou Gehrig disease, also known as ALS. This case also revealed the well-kept secret that Jessica was once a married woman and the client, Quentin Sainz, was her husband. I was as surprised as Harvey was when Jessica casually told him about this particular secret about her past but understood that Jessica liked to keep her personal life private and doesn’t mix business with pleasure.

I literally went bug-eyed when Mike lost at Housing Court, given that, according to Harvey and Rachel, Housing Court is child’s play compared to other court cases. Perhaps Mike should have done his homework and found out what to do and what not to do when taking on a Housing Court case after making an embarrassing spectacle of himself. I have to admit, however, that Mike knows how to fix his mistakes and turn a loss into a win. He used his eidetic memory to drive his client’s lying, corrupt landlord, Johnny Karinski, out. It was an added bonus that Harvey was there to watch Mike stick it to Karinski and his lawyer, Vivien Tanaka.

There were some amusing scenes in this episode as well. One being the part where Harvey asked Mike, sarcastically, of course, if the genius was Canadian. I get that the comment was to be used in a sarcastic manner, but it’s actually true. Patrick J. Adams is a Canadian actor from Toronto, where the show is mainly filmed. I also enjoyed the scene where Harvey saw Mike wearing his spare suit that he keeps in his office. That shocked tone in Harvey’s voice made me snicker like the villain characters from Looney Tunes.

I also couldn’t understand why Harvey wears three-piece suits. He’s a lawyer, not a shrink! (No offense to male psychiatrists everywhere.) I was also shaking my head at the irony when Mike asked Rachel to help him with his pro bono case by posing as his wife because he asked Rachel to marry him in the Season 5 opener. It’s also ironic that though Rachel said that she doesn’t date anyone from the office, when Mike asked her out at the end of the episode, she goes out with him anyway and is now engaged to him. However, I understand what Rachel meant when she said that she can’t date anyone from the firm, because if she were to end the relationship, it would be awkward to see her ex-boyfriend at work.

All in all, this was another excellent episode. I was very highly amused when Harvey was calling Mike asking where he was and told him that they got work to do in a sing-songy tone of voice.  I was both impressed and shocked to hear Harvey compliment Mike on the work that he’s doing for the pro bono case, given that Harvey doesn’t give out compliments very often, but it’s nice when the older lawyer says something nice to the genius associate. It’s like they are brothers in a way. Next episode, please!

[Photo credit: Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network]

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