Our Top Five Steve Zahn Movies of His Career

Our Top Five Steve Zahn Movies of His Career

Steve Zahn is the kind of versatile actor that most people would definitely want as part of their cast due to the fact that he brings a level of energy to each film he’s in just by being there. It doesn’t matter if he’s being serious or funny he’s just the kind of guy you want around since his level of energy seems to be infectious and can get people to be more active. Plus he’s a lot of fun to watch and brings his characters to life in a way that you can’t help but like or just want to punch in the face. Seriously, some of his characters are the biggest jerks alive even if they mean well at times. But the trick is that Zahn plays them so well that you tend to forget it’s him and simply focus on the character. That being said he seems to be way underrated at times even though he has a solid fan base and a lot of people do know him from appearance if not by name.

He’s worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood while gaining his own popularity and has become one of the many go-to guys when a film needs a person that can be a supporting actor and do the best job possible. Now I know that supporting actors are kind of a dime a dozen at times but even among their ranks there are those that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Steve Zahn is one of those since he’s proven that he can take on just about any role he’s given and nail it with ease. His ability to be funny, serious, and even something in between is uncanny.

In any role he takes there’s bound to be someone that thinks he’s just awesome.

5. Out of Sight

The character of Glenn is the kind of guy that talks, and talks, and talks. Half of what he says might be true, while half of that might be reliable information if you’re lucky. Glenn is the guy that will seek out those that can protect him by offering information of the sort that some people tend to listen to and others tend to disregard as being completely false. Foley is the kind of guy that looks at guys like Glenn with little more than contempt since happens to know the kind of stuff that Glenn can only guess at and obtain as secondhand information. There’s a reason that Foley doesn’t like Glenn, and it has a lot to do with the fact that Glenn is a spineless moron, in his reckoning.

4. Joy Ride

Brothers can be a lot of fun but they can be a giant hassle too. Fuller is kind of a screwup, the bane of Lewis’ existence at times even if they are brothers. In fact it’s safe to say that without Fuller along for the ride Lewis might have been able to pick up his lady friend and just have a good time. But with the inclusion of Fuller came a lot more than either of them bargained for. Not only did they anger a trucker named Rusty Nail, but they were responsible for him taking Venna and keeping her hostage while he forced them to play his game. In the end all three of them were more or less okay, meaning they were alive, and Rusty Nail went on his merry way after making everyone think he was dead. Sometimes brothers can get you into more trouble than you know what to do with.

3. Rescue Dawn

This was kind of a hard film to watch since you get the feeling that far too many men in the armed forces had to go through this back in the day. Being a POW was nothing to scoff at as some folks might think, especially when one is stranded in the middle of an unforgiving jungle that acts as the real prison. The real mind trip about this film is that you’re never really sure if Duane made it out or not, or if Dieter was imagining him after escaping from prison. Either way, his death came as a rather tragic blow.

2. Saving Silverman

Guys always seem to think they know best when it comes to their friends. That’s why J.D. and Wayne are trying to convince Judith to leave their friend alone so that he can be happy. The only problem is that Judith has no intention of leaving their friend alone since he’s become ‘hers’ more or less and is the kind of domineering personality that doesn’t take kindly to people trying to take what’s hers. Ironically enough Wayne and Judith end up together at the end of the film, while J.D. discovers that he’s gay.

1. Sahara

Al is a fun character, and not just because he has to put up with Dirk’s constant need to be on the go and looking for something that may or may not exist. He’s the kind of guy that can do a little bit of everything and yet is still relegated to being the sidekick and doesn’t have a problem with it. He doesn’t always agree with Dirk and why they’re doing what they’re doing but at the very least he’s a loyal friend and knows that one way or another Dirk will always have his back and vice versa.

He’s a fun actor to watch, period.

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