10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie “Real Men”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie “Real Men”

There is honestly not a lot to say about this movie other than that it has a very awkward and bumbling plot about aliens, the CIA, Russians, and two men that are trying to prevent the wrong guys from getting a weapon that could bring about the end of the world or something close to it. Ritter plays a mild-mannered man that eventually has to step up and be tough and Belushi is the guy that’s encouraging him by attempting to build up his confidence. It’s one of those movies that you scratch your head about and wonder how it ever got made.

Seriously, so few people know about this film at this point that there’s next to nothing on it online.

10. Belushi’s character is a crack shot until he gets married.

In every firefight he takes down his opponents with one shot. After he gets married all he can do is hit trees.

9. The film received very poor reviews.

No one really thought this was much of anything when it came out, and this was in the 80’s when some of the worst movies were still considered good.

8. The plot was considered to be completely unbelievable. 

The aliens, the government agencies, and even the part about Ritter having to play two people that happen to look exactly alike was kind of awkward.

7. The movie was just barely released in the theaters.

It seems like it would have been released and then pulled just as quickly when it performed so horribly on its opening weekend.

6. It was a comedy/science fiction.

What’s confusing about a movie like this is that Ritter and Belushi were both funny men that had a way of getting people to laugh. But according to the reviews almost no one laughed at this unless they were making fun of it.

5. The box office numbers were well under $1 million dollars.

The numbers were still in the $800 thousand dollar range and seemed to have been generous considering how bad people thought it was.

4. Ritter played two different characters.

This seems like it was more by design than anything since it was a part of the actual story and needed to be told in this manner. But still, it made the plot a little more difficult to swallow.

3. It actually got a 59 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

This is when the credibility of Rotten Tomatoes goes way down. The site is already on constant blast from fans for the horrible reviews they give good films, but standing behind a film like this and giving it even this high of percentage indicates that it’s not that reliable.

2. It’s one of the most unknown movies in Hollywood.

This is one of those movies that you really have to looking for in order to find it. What that means though is that you first have to know about it, which many people don’t.

1. It’s the only time that Ritter and Belushi starred together.

If there were any others they were lost to cinema history since there’s no other record of them acting in a film together aside from this.

Maybe that was good thing.

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