These are The Stars of Home Alone 27 Years Later

These are The Stars of Home Alone 27 Years Later

If there’s one thing that might make you feel extremely old today it’s the fact that Home Alone was released in 1990.  Saying “1990” doesn’t even seem that bad until you realize that it’s 27 years ago.  I have a very hard time believing I was only 11-years-old when this movie came out, but here we are, it’s 2017 and Home Alone remains one of the highest grossing movies of all-time.  I think that Salma Hayek said it best in the movie Dogma:

Serendipity: I’m responsible for nineteen of the twenty top-grossing films of all time.

Bethany: Nineteen?

Serendipity: Yeah, the one about the kid, by himself in his house, burglars trying to get in and he fights them off? I had nothing to do with that one. Somebody sold their soul to Satan to get the grosses up on that piece of s***.

Yeah, to this day people are still trying to figure out how in the hell this movie did so well.  I mean sure, it was fun but one of the highest grossing comedies or holiday films EVER?  That just doesn’t make any sense.  Anyway, as if it’s not depressing enough for me to look at then and now pictures of myself at age 11 to now, here’s a “fun” look at the actors from Home Alone while they were in the movie and what they look like now:

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