Stargate Universe 1.10 “Justice” Recap

Stargate Universe 1.10 “Justice” Recap

81e5560ddff69bc24215025d7c40d780Tonight’s SGU ended with a whimper of a shocker and the Rush vs. Young feud came to a head and bursted like a disgusting pimple. I will just get right to it.

The Set Up

After finding an other delicacy besides the slop the crew of the Destiny have been eating, it is revealed that Spencer has not reported for duty. Greer goes to Spencer’s quarters to see what’s up and finds Spencer’s brains on the wall and Spencer dead on the bed.

Uh. Oh.

Greer phones in the death to Col. Young and Camile and when they get there, the arguing and finger pointing starts. Camile wants to know why Spencer even had access to a gun (hello, he’s a military officer!!?!), but when Young declares that Spencer was trained to operate one, Camile states that Spencer was not stable and it could have been anyone else dead. Good point, Camile, but still.

But it is Greer who points out that without a gun found at the scene, how the hell can they rule this as a suicide? A-HAAA!!

The Mystery of the Fallen Soldier or A Few Good Men In Space…

Rush wants to know if they have any suspects and points out that with Spencer’s temper tantrums and pill popping induced antics, anyone and everyone had reason to split Spencer’s wig. Scott makes it known to Rush that he’s talking about one of their own and this is when Scott starts to piss me off tonight and we are only at the nine minute mark. After assuring Scott that he meant ‘well’ Rush tells Young to find the killer, pronto.

But Young, as only his psyche will let him do, turns the investigation over to Lt. Scott. His reasoning is because he is a likely candidate to have taken out Spencer as well. Young also tells everyone that they are looking for the 9mm handgun that was checked26ddecfe5a6867acfd295319c29ff795 out under Spencer’s name and is still M.I.A.; plus, the only people barred from a room search is Volker, Brody, Scott, Eli, Vanessa James, and Park since their alibis checked out. Now while we saw where half of those people were during the murder, it still is sloppy to think that because their alibis checked out that they should be ruled out as suspects. Hell, all of them could have been in on it. Franklin, everyone’s favorite military hater, demands to be present for the search as does other people. As much as I don’t care for Franklin, I can’t help but side with him on this one.

When they get to his room, they find nothing. While Eli and Scott search Camile Wray’s room, she suggests that they could cut time if they considered Greer as a suspect. Um, come again? Scott tries to defend Greer, but is soooo not helping as Eli points out, which is where ELI starts grating my nerves tonight (11 minute mark).

Rush contacts Young on radio about him finding new info on the Ancient’s Repository of Knowledge chair. Young asks Rush why is he not in the Gate Room with everyone else, which Rush responds that he has nothing to do with the murder and has work to do. Young orders Rush to the Gate Room, but Rush cuts the comm.

Meanwhile, Scott and Eli search Col. Young’s room and this where the both of them really start to piss me off. So while ‘searching’ Col. Young’s room, Scott doesn’t find anything (for lack of trying) and is ready to leave, but Eli (who is taking his minimum wage of zero seriously) just so happens to look at the vent over Col. Young’s bed and sees something in there. He opens it up and finds the gun. Scott is pissed, Eli is disappointed, and I am both.

After they call Young to his room, he is not too surprised about the gun being found there. He asks the two young men if they think he did it and Scott nearly jumps to attention in saying no, while Eli just looks none trustworthy. Both clearly idiots. Then to prove my point, Scott is ready to lie about finding the gun, but Eli thinks they should tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them God. In this equation I have to side with Young, who says that Eli is right and that they should report EVERYTHING to Camile Wray, including the how and where of the gun being found. Scott still doesn’t get it and I give up on this kid.

While talking to Camile and Rush, Eli and Scott decide to check the Kinos for footage of what might happened. Camile thinks the Colonel did it, but Rush thinks not. He asks Camile if she contacted Earth yet, and if she does that despite what her superiors say, the crew of the Destiny needs to handle this on their own. In other words, do NOT bring Telford into this!

Elsewhere, Col. Young knows he’s in deep ish and needs help in his defense. So he turns to Chloe to be his lawyer. She says she majored in political science, not law, which Young declares is what the whole scenario will end up being about: politics.

a7735618598e106668c89c06bebb6317During the ‘trial’, Camile acts as Devil’s Advocate and Chloe as defense. They question Franklin first and he says how Young helped him when Spencer attacked him. Oh have we changed our tone on the military, Franklin? The next person is Volker who says Young talked about taking care of Spencer for his behavior. They then talk to Rush, who doesn’t buy into Camile trying to get him to say some incriminating things about the Colonel or otherwise.

But it’s when TJ takes the stand that things get heated. Chloe and Camile go head to head in firing the questions at poor TJ, who says that anything is possible, but without the right equipment it is impossible to find out what exactly happened. Camile calls a break and she confronts Chloe about her behavior. Chloe thinks that Camile is too gung ho to solve this case and Camile thinks that Chloe doesn’t know Young enough to be so sure that he didn’t do the crime. Chloe counters that all Camile knows about people on the ship is through their files and that if due process doesn’t have a place on the Destiny, then they should just go with whoever Camile thinks did it. Snap!

While everyone shares their doubts and non doubts, Greer is ready to kick some ass in the most inane way possible. But Young comes by and stops that plan, thank GOD, but has some serious buzz killing news: since Camile doesn’t have enough evidence to book him, she will shut the case down, but Young will have to relinquish control over to her.

No, No, NOOOO!!!!!

Rush wastes no time in asking, or demanding rather, Camile for complete control over his science team, including Eli, as if Eli’scbf90dede95de57e560655ead514c1d6his. As soon as Camile gives the go head, we cut to Rush introducing his team to the Repository of Knowledge chair and there is a debate on the schematics of the thing. Rush tries to downplay the danger of the chair by saying that it is an earlier model and might not kill anyone, which Eli gives a ‘fail’ as all early versions of software tend to be full of “bugs”. Franklin is the only one who is enthusiastic about the thing. Hmmm….

Meanwhile, Col. Young has to explain again to Scott why he did what he did. Scott only proves Franklin’s point and doesn’t get it. He just doesn’t get it.

Back in the Repository Room, Franklin and Eli discuss the chair. Franklin thinks that the Ancients designed the thing to only be accessed if someone sits in it. Eli thinks it is not safe, because if it was, Rush would have already sat in it. Franklin then asks if Eli could go get him something from the mess hall and Eli leaves after making sure if Franklin was ok…

Uh. Oh.

While Young sits in his room, Eli’s urgent voice comes over the radio saying that he needs medical help. When TJ and Young arrive, Eli tries to rescue Franklin, who’s having his mind wiped… Oh wait, wrong show.

While TJ, Young, and Eli try to free Franklin, Rush reads data from the screens to stop it. But Franklin’s mind frak ends and he slumps in TJ and Eli’s arms, completely gone in the brain by being catatonic.

After TJ tries to help, Young and Rush get into an argument over the usage of the chair, with Young declaring that Rush is too much of a coward to sit in himself. Camile comes between them and takes full responsibility, which Young knows and feels sorry for, because let’s face it: Camile got played.

1915ddd77a07d55afc1aaeb8a6abde8dScott is determined for Eli to find something on the Kinos and says that something is just not adding up. Also, the Destiny comes out of warp and the Stargate opens. Brody lets Camile know the data concerning the planet on the other side. As Camile leaves her quarters, Greer is standing outside her door, wondering why did Camile take him and other Marines were taken off the off-world duty list. She calls it a temporary arrangement and then Greer lets it be known that he knows that she has it out for him; especially by suspecting him of Spencer’s murder. Camile tells him to deal with it. Greer later lets her know that he isn’t going anywhere so she might as well stop plotting.

In the Gate Room, Camile gives control over to Volker, but sends Vanessa James and another Marine as backup. But the real drama is going on in Eli’s room as he tells Scott that he found something amiss with the time codes after all and that someone deleted the footage of the exact moment Spencer was killed. Eli says that whoever did this didn’t know that Eli backs up footage onto his laptop (which he saves for his documentary. Right.) After looking at the actual footage, they call Young to the room.

On the the planet, there is nothing but a dry ugly desert, but but like the one in the third episode. After the group thinks their time is a waste, Volker finds a crashed alien spacecraft. They radio it in to Rush, who is on his way to investigate, but is intercepted by Young, who is not a happy camper.

In the Kino, the group watches Spencer tell the Kino why he is a lunatic and watches as he kills himself.

Um… WHAT?!?!?!!

Camile utters apologies, while Scott smugly accepts them. Prick. Camile then suggests that they reevaluate the situation and call back the off-world team, but Rush isn’t having that BS. He says that the other crap can wait and that they need to find out what is on that ship. Young agrees and tells Camile that he is going as well.

When they get to the ship, Rush immediately starts work. The team discloses that the ship is new alien and needs to be cut into,4d3fd483281afc303ad3799fb7b26e71something that they don’t have the time to do. Young says that they are pushing it and orders the team back through the gate. Rush declines and says he wants to find out what the ship can offer. Young offers to stay as well. After everyone leaves, Young then gets down to business and calls Rush out on the set up. Rush doesn’t deny it and says that he heard the shot and went to investigate it. He saw an opportunity and he took it because he needed Young out the way. But Rush makes it clear that he wasn’t trying to frame Young for murder, only stir enough doubt to get his way.

I TOLD yall Rush was a snake!!!!!

But Rush isn’t finished. He also tells Young that he is the wrong man for the job, because he can’t make the decisions needed to be made, which makes Young in Rush’s eyes a big ass burden.

Then Young smacks Rush’s ass and then they get into it, but Young has the upper hand and kicks Rush’s ass. At the end, Young asks Rush if they are done and Rush says they will never be done. Young then head butts Rush and leaves him there.

Back on the ship, the group waits for Rush and Young to return through the gate. Only Young returns. When Camile Wray asks what happened to Rush, Young only says that he didn’t make it. But nobody asks what the hell happened to his face.

Col. Young later tells them that they were rushing back and Rush got caught in a rock slide and that he barely made it to the gate himself. After everyone starts to leave, Young orders Eli to stay behind. He asks Eli about the rest of the Kino footage, which Eli says not even Scott has seen. Young then orders that Eli make a copy of it and put it on a flash drive and delete it from Eli’s computer.


Back on the planet, Rush awakes and notices that it is dark and he’s alone.


Messages in Bottles

So… Was that a rollercoaster or what? I can’t believe that they left him behind, but I bet he will find them with that ship and it’s going to get ugly afterwards.

– I’m still trying to decipher the last scene with Eli and Young. Was there something else on the Kino that was incriminating? Or did Young not want anyone to see what Rush did, which would have been a motive for Young to leave Rush behind? I am stickig with the latter.

– Finally, Chloe showed herself to be more than a Scott’s girlfriend. She handled her own in the interrogation and against Camile. I loved that scene and would have loved to have been the one to pick up Camile’s face and hand it back to her after Chloe made it drop.

– Eli and Scott were Tweedledee and Tweedledum tonight by being on both ends of the common sense spectrum. Scott was toooo damn blinded by the uniform and Eli was just too damn blinded by ‘morals’ to think straight. Also, wonder if the two of them even checked the vents in the other room. Why would they, or Eli rather, just check the vent in Young’s room. There is no way in hell that I would have spotted that gun all the way up there.

– Camile needs to let go of those records she has on everyone and start to get to know the people instead of the damn words that describe said people. She thinks she has Greer down pat, but doesn’t know squat. If she was so knowledgeable then she should have been more concerned in locking up Spencer than Greer when they first got there.

That’s all for now folks. What do you think? Will this be a long wait? Are you done with the show? What was up with that potato??!?!

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