Someone Remade The Justice League’s Snyder Cut Trailer in 16-bit

Someone Remade The Justice League’s Snyder Cut Trailer in 16-bit

Someone Remade The Justice League’s Snyder Cut Trailer in 16-bit

Jon Stratman is pretty good at what he does and the Snyder Cut, what little we’ve seen of it so far, does come through fairly well in 16-bit, but the question of whether or not it’s really going to satisfy the fans that have been calling for it is still something that’s hard to say yes or no to since the fickle nature of the fans is something that many directors just can’t account for given that people will always find something they can’t deal with. Perhaps the biggest problem with bringing the Snyder Cut forward is that it doesn’t feel as though much is going to change, but plenty is going to be added, and it’s the stuff that would have been better off being placed in the movie to start with, or held off until another movie for each of the heroes could have been developed. More and more the feeling that the DCEU has faltered because it rushed in too fast is coming to light. Had it gone the same route as the MCU and built things up for a while without feeling the need to compete it’s likely that the efforts that they’re struggling to push through now wouldn’t have been as needed and they could have even taken it easy and just pushed one or two movies a year without any real trouble. But apparently, the minds behind DC aren’t thinking that way.

That definitely makes sense to a lot of people but of course, there are plenty of those that would say that the decision-makers at DC know exactly what they’re doing and aren’t too troubled by trying to remain competitive with the MCU. Right…and if you believe that I’ve got a Mother box to sell you. The frustrating part about DC is that they’ve been dominating on TV for a while and it’s been going so well that one might think that a return to the big screen would have been great. Wonder Woman had a great turnout, Aquaman was well-received, and Shazam was obviously a movie that people enjoyed. But somehow, despite being financial successes, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League just didn’t do it for the fans and they were so disappointed that the whining is still reverberating since the Snyder Cut is incoming as of next year it sounds like, and people are seriously getting excited over it since they want that added footage and something better than Joss Whedon could cook up. Despite the many upon many people that went to see the movie doing their best to insist that it was better than it was, and you know who you are out there, many were turning around to scream for the Snyder Cut the moment it was mentioned. The fact that it’s even coming out is enough to realize that Hollywood is bound to bow down to the fans from time to time, and despite the fact that fans should warrant some attention every now and then, it’s still a little disappointing to see that fans that cry like a baby with a spilled bottle are given what they want.

But the Snyder Cut is coming all the same and in 2021 we’ll get to find out whether all that crying and moaning over this cut was worth it or if it’s bound to be just what a lot of people thought it would be, a whole lot of hype for a little bit of footage. The running time on the project is going to be understandably longer, but to think that it’s going to be better is enough to think that people are forgetting that Zack Snyder, aka the shadow master of DC, has his share of flops as well as triumphs and while his track record might be pretty good the whole idea of bringing back something that people wanted with higher expectations is a risky maneuver since what might happen once people see the Snyder Cut is that they might end up making any and every possible excuse that they can for Snyder if they don’t happen to like it. That’s the danger of hyping things up too much, once they fail to live up to those gold standards people have nowhere to turn and will generally look for a scapegoat to justify the idea that what they were hoping for is inadequate. Sometimes being human means being painfully predictable, and this is one of those times since to be fair and honest, people don’t want to own up to the things they’ve said far too often.

Maybe the Snyder Cut will be worth it and maybe the additions will turn out to have been a good idea, but one thing a lot of people aren’t remembering is that not everyone knows everything about the Justice League, so creating a movie that explains just enough and not everything isn’t necessarily a sin, and going back to fill in the blanks might end up confusing a lot of people even further.

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