Some of The Best of Chris Pratt Moments of All-Time

Some of The Best of Chris Pratt Moments of All-Time

Christopher Michael Pratt is a superstar who knows how to juggle comedy, drama, and musical theatre. He is a household name with a charm that attracts viewers. And you wonder if there is anything too hard for Chris in the film world. His twenty years have paid off. He started acting in the year 2000 with nothing but his name. His fame grew when he first appeared on television shows before moving to the film world. In one film, he acts as your best friend, while in another, he plays a supporting role or even a soldier. He pulls comedies so well and is damn good in comics. Admitting Chris is talented is not enough without checking out some of his best moments in the film industry. His character is lovable and leaves an amiable charm in every show he holds. Twenty years later, you can’t get enough of Christopher Michael Pratt. If you want to know what Chris does best, check some of his iconic moments as analyzed below.

Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

In this thriller movie, Chris takes part as DEVGRU, who is an operator (Justin). His duties involve working in a mission with US Navy as a soldier. Though it seems the directors borrowed his character from real-life operator Robert O’Neil. Pratt will then emerge to be one of the SEAL Team Six who excelled in the assassination of the most wanted killer Osama bin Laden. The Pratt people know for the comic is in a film expected to take a serious character. His role makes the film enjoyable as the viewers want to see the other side of Pratt. The 2012 film is based on the drama involved in hunting Osama bin Laden after the September 11 attack. Mainly, the film involves searching and tracing down for any leads to where the wanted criminal is hiding. Though the Americans thought it would be obvious to hunt him, the film proves how hard it was to get Osama. As you watch the movie, you feel noticeable suspense even though you know what to expect. It gave Chris action and played his role so well. He terms it as one of his best moments in the film world.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Doubts, this was the feeling Chris had in the Guardians of the Galaxy role. His Director James Gunn was also not sure if he will be able to play the role as desired. Playing Peter Quill (Star-Lord) in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise was a big moment. Chris almost gave up auditioning for the role by admitting he felt not the right person to play Star-Lord. Looking at the top ten Hollywood actors who might play Peter Quill gave him goosebumps. But he decided to give it a comic shot, play the room, gamble it out, and nailed the first audition and was selected. The role didn’t come easy as Pratt had to lose 60 pounds in six months. Immediately the movie came to an end; he stole the jacket and some of the Star-Lord wardrobe. In the future, if the film becomes a hit, which happened, he had hoped to become someone like Russell Wilson and visit kids in hospitals. And he has kept his promise by having many heartwarming moments visiting kids in hospitals dressed as Star-Lord. Such a moment of sharing the love!

Chris Pratt Breaks Record for Not Blinking

Chris Pratt participated in a don’t blink the eye challenge. He was happy to participate and complied. To the host’s astonishment, Chris broke the record of keeping his eyes open and beat Reynold. For 6-minutes and 2-seconds while on Spanish show, El Hormiguero, he didn’t blink. He was promoting his movie Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom. What a moment! The actor doubled the previous record set by Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds was the record holder with a time track of 2-minutes and 37-seconds. However, Ryan has not said a word about the challenge, though they both participate in football fantasies.

Pratt Dared to Beat Dave Bautista

For many years, Pratt used to take sleeping pills like Ambien. At times he would text random people with whatever is on his mind, and then the next day, he won’t remember. So, this particular day Chris texted Dave Bautista, the former wrestler. He told him that he wanted to wrestle him and put him down. Bautista didn’t react; instead, he just gave it a laugh. When his senses came back, he admitted he couldn’t even dare Dave Bautista. In an interview, he told James Corden that Dave would kill him since, by far, he is the most formidable star in all of Hollywood. Pratt is not your typical actor.

Chris Has a Good Relationship With His Brother

Family comes first, and Pratt is aware of this well. Being a younger brother saw him wearing the clothes his brother used the previous day. Then he joined the same school as his brother, and that’s when the brother told him people are noticing he is wearing the same clothes he had the previous day. It’s like he idolized his brother, though their bond wasn’t so good. And these brothers fought at home. Like all brothers do.

How Good Chris is at Rubik’s Cube

If you are still struggling to finish that Rubik cube, learn from experts like Chris. He is so good that he managed to complete the cube while promoting his live movie interview. It happened in The Late Show by James Corden. Chris Pratt is unstoppable, as proven by his role in the acting industry. He prides in several memorable leading and supporting roles, to his credit, while making good use of his gift for comedy. In his own words, he said,” try and try even more.” Call him a mighty actor, and you won’t be wrong. For him is passion over talent. Whatever Chris puts his hands on will go wild. He is a man who has enjoyed his best moments in the film industry. Watch out for his new upcoming show, The Termina List. To him, a total of fifty films and TV series is something he counts as a part of his successful acting career. He feels good about his accomplishment because he had nothing when starting.Guardians of the Galaxy

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