10 Things You Didn’t Know about Slim Jxmmi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Slim Jxmmi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Slim Jxmmi

Slim Jxmmi is a man whose name we cannot properly pronounce, but we do know that it’s not the point of his presence. He’s a rapper, an artist, and he’s in the press right now for some things that are ugly and unflattering – and it’s big news. He allegedly assaulted a woman in Miami in January 2022, and he’s been arrested, and the news of this alleged assault is all over the internet. Did he do it? While we don’t have any details yet, fans are curious and those who haven’t heard of him are curious to learn more about who this person is.

1. He is a 90s Kid

He did get to grow up in the 90s, which was pretty much the last good generation for kids. No internet, no cell phones, no computers in your pocket all the time – and no social media. He was born on December 29, 1993, which means he had a pretty regular childhood compared to kids today with their electronics and their lack of imagination.

2. He is Part of a Duo

If you don’t recognize his name, perhaps that’s because you’re accustomed to hearing his rap as part of a duo. He is one-half of the Rae Sremmurd group, and that is where most people know him more often than not. He is his own person, but you don’t see his name when you hear his music. You see the duo’s name.

3. His Name is Not Slim Jxmmi

While we figure you know that already, we realize you probably don’t know his real name, either. He was born Aaquil Brown. He was born in California, but he was not there long He and his family lived in what is often referred to as the housing projects, and he was not someone who grew up in the best area for at least a part of his life, though we don’t know for how long.

4. He’s Got a Famous Brother

Do you know the name Khalif Brown? We’re guessing only his most diehard fans recognize his birth name, but we do know that you’ll recognize his stage name. Swae Lee is the name of his brother. Slim is the older brother, and Swae is his baby brother. He’s done a lot of work in the rap game, and you know him from his many collaborations with some famous artists across many genres.

5. His Brother is in His Band

While Swae Lee has collaborated with some big names, many people are shocked to realize he is also the other half of his brother’s duo. They are the men who formed Rae Sremmurd, which, if you didn’t realize is the name Ear Drummers spelled backward.

6. They Have a Brother

They are not the only two boys in the family, either. They have another brother, Michael, and they were raised by their mother, Bernadette. Their father took off and left the family, leaving their mother and his own three sons to fend for themselves when he took off. Their life was not easy as a result. She did what she could do, but she was a woman raising three boys working for the US Army, and trying to provide for her kids.

7. He Moved Around

Because his mother worked for the Army, their family moved often. They didn’t grow up in the best of the best areas per the information that he is from the projects – but that seems to be something that happened later in their lives when their mother moved the family to Tupelo, Mississippi to live with a man who is her companion – but they did move regularly. He had a chance to live in places like Mississippi and Texas, and they also lived in Maryland for some time.

8. He Allegedly Hit His Girlfriend

News broke in late January that he was arrested in Dade Country for allegedly attacking his girlfriend and pulling out her extensions. He was arrested, the news broke, and it is all over the press after their domestic dispute. Their alleged domestic dispute, that is.

9. His Girlfriend Says He Did Not Touch Her

His girlfriend, who he was accused of assaulting put out a statement of her own denying that there was any physical altercation at all. “Oh wow. This is cap. Dade County y’all are wrong for this. I told you guys he did not hit me. Every officer you guys had in my face are wrong for this. No hands were put on anybody, I stated it more than once. It was a loud argument, and the police were called. You guys turn nothing into something. It’s our sons first birthday tomorrow, what’s wrong with y’all?” she asked.

10. He’s a Father

He and his girlfriend have a baby, who turned one in January of 2022 the day following his father’s arrest. The little boy was, per police, sleeping when they were called to the couple’s home in the midst of their dispute.

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