She-Hulk: Whose Show Is This?-Recap

She-Hulk: Whose Show Is This?-Recap

credit: She-Hulk

There was a chance for redemption, to put this show on track…aaaand it’s gone, at least for now. It’s smart to at least try to be fair in stating that in this episode, She-Hulk had the opportunity to cap off the season in a way that might have restored the faith of a lot of fans, but it feels as though things not only went off the rails, it feels as though the character was given control of the rails and, as one might have expected, she made it clear that her way was the only way that appeared to make sense.

The treatment that Jen Walters received in the last episode, and has been dealing with since her transformation into She-Hulk, isn’t warranted since, to be realistic, the character did have her life in order, and she was doing what she wanted, but the unfortunate transformation complicated things in a very big way. However, her reaction to the sudden popularity that she was given as She-Hulk has gone up and down throughout the nine-season episode as she’s done whatever she can to make certain that people hear her disdain for the way things have been going in the MCU and how she thinks that matters might need to change in a very drastic way. 

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credit: She-Hulk

Even Deadpool doesn’t get this type of 4th wall break

It feels as though a lot of fans might bring this up even if it’s not in the same context since Deadpool, the king of the 4th wall breaks in the Marvel Universe, has never quite achieved this level when it comes to narrating or even changing his story, so it feels as though commenting on the fact that Jen is allowed to do this is warranted.

Whether people think it’s a good thing or a negative thing is hard to say since fans have been kind of divided on She-Hulk since she came to the MCU. The fact that the writers have seen fit to parade her around like a spoiled teenager that fully enjoys talking ill of concepts that are in part responsible for her show even being possible feels like the type of disrespect that a parent has to endure when raising a child, as the poor attitude needs to be allowed to blossom at some point so that a lesson can be learned. Unfortunately, it would appear that the teenage phase of this show will need a while longer to play out. 

There are reasons to justify She-Hulk’s irritation, and there are reasons to be irritated with her

As a character, Jen has good points to make, but she also sounds extremely ignorant, not to mention arrogant, when injecting her own personality into the story at times. While it is her story, and it does stand to reason that her development and growth should be shown, there are times when it can’t help but argue that she should hopefully learn a lesson while understanding that her attitude isn’t helping much of anything.

She is a solid character, but at times during this season, it’s become obvious that the writers are trying to do something new, and there are times when they’re content with kicking dirt on the MCU characters that have come before because they have nothing else to say. When it comes to other characters being injected into the show, it feels as though she needs them to add a bit of drama since the drama she creates isn’t quite enough on her own.

credit: She-Hulk

This episode does manage to call out the issues with the MCU

The whole breaking of the 4th wall does take an interesting and different direction since the moment that the over-the-top action is about to kick off, meaning that Todd gains Hulk powers, Emil becomes the Abomination, and Hulk appears out of nowhere, Jen simply stops the show, breaks her inhibitor chip and jumps out of the Disney+ screen to walk into the studio to confront the writers and K.E.V.I.N., the AI that is apparently in charge of writing the stories and is therefore responsible for some of the worst storylines in the entire MCU. And what does she do? She tries to balance things out, that’s easy to see, but she takes things from the type of action that feels gratuitous and doesn’t serve the story to the type that is essentially boring and doesn’t really give the kind of conflict resolution that people want to see. And, of course, she gets a bit self-serving when she asks for Daredevil to return, which might feel justified but is still a bit wide of the mark as well when it comes to balance. 

It might be possible to see a Planet Hulk movie now, right? 

This comes from the final scene in which Bruce returns…with his son. It’s unknown whether Planet Hulk, if it does happen, would be a movie or a series, but given that this came from the She-Hulk series, it feels as though she might need to be a part of this, or this should be a part of her second season.

Hopefully, if there is a second season, she’ll be able to drive the story rather than have to lean on other characters while badmouthing the franchise that made her show possible. 

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