She-Hulk’s Great Fourth Wall Break Ending Left Major Problems Behind

She-Hulk’s Great Fourth Wall Break Ending Left Major Problems Behind

While the creative decision to break the fourth wall in the finale of She-Hulk was a fresh and bold approach to storytelling, it has left some major problems behind. The breaking of the fourth wall is seen throughout the show, when Jennifer talks to the camera in different scenes of the show. However, in the finale, the fourth wall  breaking takes things a step further. 

Jen erased most of the plot of the She-Hulk finale when she met K.E.V.I.N, which left several unanswered questions. Snapping into the real world in seconds and addressing the audience may seem normal for Jennifer, but it surely isn’t for the MCU. Let’s see how big of a problem She-Hulk‘s fourth wall break in the finale created for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe!

Did She-Hulk’s Fourth Wall Break Mock the MCU? 

She-Hulk finale fourth wall break

When Todd reveals himself as the Hulk King, Titania and Hulk appear suddenly, which becomes boring for Jen, so she travels to the ‘real world’ and plans to change her story. She meets the writers of Marvel and asks them, “What kind of stupid finale is this?” Then she mentions that MCU stories typically have a villain with a replica of the hero’s power; as such, she would like to make her own story.

Although this may seem like the ending was mocking the MCU, the truth is that it was made to address the trolling comments of Marvel fans. In an interview, the head writer Jessica Gao mentioned that the comments made by Jen were to address the trolls. All in all, it was an excellent tactic that Gao used to “troll the trolls.”

Who is Skaar?

skaar and hulk in she hulk

Skaar is the son of Hulk, who debuted in the finale of She-Hulk when Bruce introduced Skaar to his family. However, Bruce or Skaar didn’t share any information. Also, there was no mention of why Bruce was in space and what happened there.

But if we refer to comics, Skaar appears as the son of the Hulk and an alien known as Caiera the Oldstrong in the comic book, Son of Hulk. The comic books  provide more details of Caiera and Skaar but coming back to She-Hulk, little information was provided. A spaceship from the planet Sakaar hit a car with Bruce and Jen in it, putting the story in motion. Bruce was also seen traveling through space in the later episodes, and when the dots of the first and last episode are connected, it was crystal clear the Hulk traveled to the planet Sakaar.

Should We Expect a New Hulk Movie?

bruce banner as hulk

Now that Marvel has introduced Hulk’s son, this might indicate that a new Hulk movie or TV show is cooking. The last movie with the character’s solo outing was 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. But it is improbable that Marvel would announce any solo Hulk movie anytime soon as Marvel doesn’t own the distribution rights to this character. 

However, the hints shown in She-Hulk are pointing toward a new movie, but it has not been confirmed officially. In an interview with Variety, Jessica Gao said, “Kevin was very specific about Skaar, so I’m sure there’s some plan in the future.” When it comes to the world of comics, the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk are important editions that might be the basics of the new Hulk project.

Will The Relationship between Daredevil and She-Hulk Continue Beyond Season One?

daredevil and Jennifer in she hulk; She-Hulk finale fourth wall break

Another effect of the fourth wall breaking was the relationship between She-Hulk and Daredevil, who first met in She-Hulk season 1, episode 8, “Ribbit and Rip It” in court. She-Hulk demands K.E.V.I.N to return Daredevil during the finale fourth wall break, and then she introduces him to her family. Matt is expected to return in Daredevil: Born Again, and because of their relationship, there might be an appearance of She-Hulk in this series.

What Happens to Josh?

Jennifer smiling

Josh was an important character in the second half of She-Hulk season 1, but then he disappeared, and later it was discovered that he was a member of Intelligencia. He stole the blood of Jen and took her data without her consent which is neither ethical nor legal, but he never got what he deserved. With the fourth wall break in the She-Hulk finale, Todd and Emil got punished, but there was no mention of Josh. 

Why Did Wong Release Abomination in She-Hulk’s Finale?

she-Hulk finale fourth wall break

In the post-credit scene of She-Hulk, season 1, episode 9, “Whose Show Is This?,” Wong returns to break Emil out of jail and takes him to Kamar-Taj. It is worth noting that during the first breakout, Emil returned. But it looks like he won’t be returning this time as he took all of his stuff with him. It is uncertain why Wong released the abomination in the post-credit scene, perhaps the MCU will address this in later projects.

Will There Be a Second Season?

she-hulk attorney at law

In an interview, Tatiana Maslany of She-Hulk mentioned that she doesn’t have any information about another season. However, this does not mean that Jen will never appear again in the MCU as she can make an entrance in Daredevil: Born Again due to her relationship with Matt. Therefore, it is still too soon to say anything about Jennifer’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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