Scream Queens Season 1 Episodes 10 & 11 Review: “Thanksgiving”/”Black Friday”

Scream Queens

One thing I’ve really enjoyed about Scream Queens is its cast, and lately I’ve been thrilled that the series has been able to bring Jamie Lee Curtis into the fold more. Not only is she a huge name but she has been amazing in the role of Dean Munsch so far, especially in the past couple of weeks. The cast has been really awesome but Curtis has been a standout so far this season for me. Scream Queens has had its ups and downs with some pretty bland episodes, but as the show looks ahead to its two-hour finale next week, I find myself excited to have the mystery come to a close.

The show has made some really interesting points but I’m a little surprised that more people haven’t been killed off yet. The show finds itself in a tough position because it makes statements and jokes at how big Greek college organizations can be quite corrupt, but in the end has them winning by staying alive. I understand that the Chanels and Dicky Dollar Scholars are the main focus, but outside of that we only interact with a few non Greek characters. Grace talks about her vision of a classic sorority where all the girls truly care about one another and honestly consider everyone their sister, but in order to achieve this she has to go along with the pre-existing mentality before it can be changed.

There’s also Pete, who aside from doing annoying Matthew McConaughey impersonations and claiming he’s an investigative journalist, makes oddly evil comments about how the Red Devil is doing everyone a favor. While I’m personally not a fan of Pete (although I will admit he’s grown on me a little bit), he’s probably the one character who operates solely outside of the Greek system. It was a little frustrating to discover that he had attempted to get into the DDS fraternity because I actually didn’t mind that his character was purely anti-Greek with no reason for it.

Although I believe the show might have been able to include some other, more independent characters, the past two episodes have actually done a great job at redeeming Pete, Grace and even Wes. Scream Queens boxed these three into a corner by forcing them on us. Ever since we learned who Grace’s mom really was and that Wes used to be a goofy frat boy, they’ve reverted to giving him fun lines that allow his old non-serious frat ways to shine through. For a little while, the show tried to paint him as an overprotective father which felt weird and like a forced change, so it’s nice to have him saying ridiculous things again where even someone like Pete can correct him. Pete has stopped trying to be the perfect boyfriend and reverted to his goofy investigative journalist personality. “Black Friday” revealed that Pete is somehow tied into everything, or a murder of some sorts, which wasn’t as big of a shock as I believed the show wanted it to be; however, I’ll wait to see how it plays out. Grace’s character has just been given more diversity; we knew she was going to be the main one to have enough brains to put things together, but I’ve loved watching her integrate herself more into Kappa, to the point where she would rather be around Chanel and her sisters than her dad as seen in “Thanksgiving.” Even in “Black Friday,” we watch her go against her best friend to agree with Chanel that killing Dean Munsch might not be a bad idea.

Over the past two weeks, the show hasn’t really progressed with major killings. Obviously Gigi was another main character to go down (which, who didn’t see coming when the episode started?), but it didn’t feel anywhere as meaningful as the Greek characters being picked off. Scream Queens has been a show painting the Greek society as rich, dumb and entitled community. True or not, exaggerated or not, that was an aspect that made the show fun as we watched moments like Caulfield get both arms chopped off and live. I assumed that this would be a repetitive pattern until we closed in on the finale and only had a couple of people make it out alive. Despite my complaints, both “Thanksgiving” and “Black Friday” were two great episodes. I thought that it helped revive some of the weaker characters and set up for what should be a fun two-hour finish to the show’s first season. Plus, having this many characters still alive gives me hope for a fun and crazy bloodbath to finish off the remaining Scream Queens members with what will hopefully be a solid finish to the mystery of the Red Devil Killer.

Other thoughts:

  • The Rasputin comparison to Dean Munsch was amazing. Especially because it was another odd thing for her to reveal she knows.
  • Oh how I wish we could have gotten more Chad Michael Murray as the older Radwell brother this season. he was amazing.
  • Chanel No. 5 thinking Teen Wolf was a documentary. Priceless.
  • After hearing the will of Boone, it seems like he and Pete could have been a gay couple? Or just hooking up? (Maybe he is Bi considering he has been involved with Grace?) His secret revealing phone call later in the episode seems like it might echo this theory a little more.

[Photo credit: Patti Perret/FOX]

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