10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sarah Brand

The internet is not happy right now, but it’s amused. It’s been almost a decade since YouTube video sensation Rebecca Black posted a video of herself singing and dancing – she was a child at the time – to her song, “Friday,” and the world was collectively offended. Of course, it takes almost nothing to offend so many these days, so call us unsurprised that newcomer Sarah Brand has managed to offend those who spend all their waking hours on the internet judging everyone from behind their keyboard. She posted a video in July 2021 that features her in a red dress singing in church, and it’s called “Red Dress”. While it might be true the world has heard better singing voices, her video is enthusiastic, and she’s got a lot of confidence. However, the internet is dragging her through the mud right now, and we are trying to find out more about the young woman who simply put herself out there.

1. Her Song is Highly Religious

When you hear a song titled “Red Dress,” you might be someone like myself, who envisions a woman getting ready for a date night with her husband – red is, after all, a power color. However, we’re all mistaken in this instance. It’s about religion, and her entire video is filmed inside a church in Oxford, England.

2. She’s A College Student

She’s not a singer, but she is a college student. She’s currently studying at Oxford University, one of the most prestigious institutes of higher learning in the world. She is studying sociology. She already has her degree, but she’s currently working on obtaining her Master’s of Science in Sociology.

3. Some Think This is All Part of Her Education

Here’s where we are just utterly fascinated by the internet. While some of us use it to shop, upload photos, and Google directions and questions and tips, there are others who spend their days online discussing other people, whiling away hours at a time doing ‘deep dives’ into the personal lives of people and literally focusing solely on the lives of others so they can criticize them while they are the ones doing nothing but focusing on the lives of others online. To the point, however, is the fact that the internet has decided that they would deep dive this young woman, and now the internet investigators feel that the world is in the midst of a social experiment in which this sociology student who is studying religion and politics and how the two intersect is making the internet her subject.

4. She is Prompting Social Introspection

When asked about her goal of making this music video, Sarah Brand was very honest. “One of the main goals of this project was to prompt social introspection, and the music video has done just that,” and now people are wondering what she means.

5. Her Videographer Says Brand Showcased her Directing Skills

When the filmographer who made the video was asked whether he felt it was a joke, he didn’t believe so. However, he did mention that he felt the song was a way for the singer to work on her directing skills, and he didn’t question it.

6. She Enjoys Writing and Directing

She is very open and honest about the fact that she loves to both write and direct, and she can see herself taking her life in that direction even though it’s not what she’s studying. She’s got a lot more she’d like to do in terms of making videos, and we have not seen the last of her.

7. She Went to School in California

Before she decided to head to London to study for her Master’s Degree, she was a student in California. She attended courses at the University of California, Berkeley, and that’s where she spent years working on her directing, her writing, and her degree.

8. She is Intelligent

When she graduated from UC Berkeley with her degree in Sociology, she was more than happy about just her graduation. She was excited because she graduated with the Highest Honors. It’s not easy to graduate college with highest honors, but it goes to show how intelligent she is.

9. She Minored in History

While working on her degree, she also spent time focusing on history. She minored in the subject, and it brought her a great deal of focus and of knowledge. She appreciates the education she has received, and it’s been good for her.

10. She’s Private

She is happy to discuss her education with anyone, but she’s not discussing her personal life with anyone. She tends to keep that to herself, and it’s understandable. She’s not into being out there in that manner, and the world should respect that.

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