San Diego Comic-Con: The Man In The High Castle’s Rufus Sewell Talks Season 2, Smith’s Conflict

Man in the High Castle

I had the opportunity to sit down with several stars of my favorite shows during San Diego Comic-Con. During the press room for Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle, I had the chance to speak with Rufus Sewell about his character (Obergruppenfuhrer John Smith), what’s coming up in Season 2, and even a little about his next project.

Upcoming For Smith:

The conversation with the press at the round table began with a joke about talking to the press and all the vague answers we get. So when he was asked what Season 2 would be like, Sewell joked that it’s “really good.”

Rather than just tell us that his character goes on “a journey”, Sewell indicates that Smith is really on two journeys, his “external journey” and his “internal journey”. Most of Smith’s conflict stems from his love for his son, and that being contradicted by his involvement with the Nazis. He’s doing quite well in his career, and “The Fuhrer” is pleased with him, but the cause that he’s pledged his life to is “under attack from the inside because of his son”, Sewell said, making the conflict within dangerous for Smith, and his loved ones. His doubts, which definitely exist, he continued, will be “stoked” in Season 2.

As of right now, there are no immediate plans for Smith to take part in the alternative realities that EP Dan Percival told us about previously. “In the currency of the world we’re in, his life is quite rich enough, so I would not like to spread it out too quickly,” Sewell said. “I would love to see and play the alternate Smith…and that’s something I hope happens.” Obviously, that quote indicates that a Season 2 appearance of alternate Smith is unlikely.”I’d rather wait and do it right,” Sewell concluded.

I asked Rufus about his relationship with Joe and how it evolves and changes. “Joe goes away for a little while,” Sewell teased. But fans of the dynamic between Sewell and Luke Kleintank should not fret. Sewell added, “I know that we’re going to be getting back together soon,” which should make for an interesting dynamic.

Upcoming For Sewell:

Straight after shooting High Castle, Sewell went on to work with (Dr. Who‘s) Jenna Coleman in Victoria, a mini-series airing in Downton Abbey‘s previous slot. He plays Lord Melbourne, who he defines as “kind”, “noble”, “sad”, “witty”, and “dignified”. Sounds like an interesting character to say the least.

What do you guys think? What do you want to see from Smith in Season 2? Let us know in the comments!

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