10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rotimi Akinosho

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rotimi Akinosho

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rotimi Akinosho

So hot he goes by one name, Rotimi (full name Rotimi Akinosho) has the world at his feet right now. As an actor, singer, and model, he’s made a success of pretty much every project he’s turned his hand to, not least Power, the hugely popular crime drama that airs its sixth and final season this year. Not that its demise is likely to put an end to Rotimi’s role of successes. With a role in Eddy Murphy’s much anticipated Coming to America sequel already in the cards, Rotimi’s star is most definitely in the ascendant. Find out more with these ten fast facts.

1. He buys the best presents

Rotimi buys the best presents… at least, he does if the person doing the receiving is himself. In December 2019, the actor revealed he’d just treated himself to a very lavish birthday present – a penthouse in Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria. “As a Bday gift to myself. I bought a penthouse in one of the most prime locations in Lagos w/ no mortgage (ikoyi) full-on paid for. It’s important we know the value of real estate & legacy money. #InvestInYourSelf”, he tweeted… leaving the rest of us more than just a little green in the face with envy.

2. He made his TV debut on Boss

In 2010, Rotimi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication with a minor in Business from Northwestern University. Within just one year of leaving university, he’d scored his first TV role as the recurring charter of Darius Morrison on the political drama series, Boss. Despite receiving a warm reception from critics, Boss was canceled after just one season. Rotimi’s career, however, most definitely didn’t sink with the ship, and he’s subsequently gone on to star in Betrayal (2013), Battle Creek (2015), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2018), and, most recently, Power (2015 -2020).

3. He hasn’t touched his Power earnings

Rotimi may have made a good amount of money from Power, but so far, he hasn’t touched a dime of it. Taking the financial advice of his father to heart, he’s been living solely off the money he’s made from endorsements and side gigs (well, he was until he splashed out on that Nigerian penthouse, in any case) “(My father) made me save all my ‘Power’ money. All my ‘Power’ cheques, the contracts, I haven’t touched one dollar. I lived off my endorsement and hosting’s,” he’s revealed to the Cable Lifestyle.

4. He’s dating Vanessa Mdee

In October 2019, it was revealed that Rotimi was dating Tanzanian singer, Vanessa Mdee (a.k.a. Vee Money). Despite the romance being so fresh, Mdee was clearly bitten by the love bug within just moments of meeting her new beau. “It took me two days…I said, ‘This is my husband,” she’s said, adding “I’m in love with him. I love him.”

5. T.I. and 50 Cent are his mentors

If there are two people who can claim to be an influence on Rotimi, its T.I. and 50 Cent. Since working with the two on Boss and Power respectively, the young actor has come to see them as mentors. “They’re the modern-day Renaissance men, and they do it all and they’ve been able to capitalize financially on all of their talents and been very smart about it,” he’s told Rolling Out. “So, they taught me a lot about how to be a businessman and how to just think outside the box and capitalize on everything.”

6. He made his silver screen debut in Black Nativity

In 2013, 2 years after making his first appearance on TV, Rotimi made his silver screen debut as Officer Butch McDaniels alongside Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, and Jennifer Hudson in the comedy musical, Black Nativity. Success followed success, and over the next few years, he appeared in a host of high grossing, critically acclaimed films, including Divergent (2014), Imperial Dreams (2017), and Acts of Violence (2018). The next project on the horizon is Eddy Murphy’s long-awaited sequel to Coming to America, Coming 2 America.

7. He’s opened for Jennifer Hudson

In tandem with acting, Rotimi has been busy hammering out a career in music. So far, he’s released two digital mixtapes (The Resume (March 8, 2011) and While You Wait (November 30, 2011)), a clutch of singles (including the G-Unit single “Lotto” featuring his mentor, co-star, and record label boss, 50 Cent), an EP called Jeep Music Vol.1, and opened for some of the industry’s biggest names, including Jennifer Hudson, T.I., Estelle, and NERD.

8. He’s the spokesperson for T.I.’s AKOO Clothing

In 2012, fresh from the success of Boss, Rotimi scored the chance to become the face of T. I’s urban wear clothing line, AKOO. Other than a small amount of modeling work at college, it was the first endorsement deal the actor had landed- although judging by his 2012 interview with Global Grind, he had high hopes it wouldn’t be his last. “Being an actor and a singer, you have to endorse,” he said. “Being a part of a clothing line is very important, you have to choose the right one. And have that lifestyle behind the brand, not just be the face. I’m definitely looking forward to doing more endorsements.”

9. He can thank his family for his work ethic

Rotimi is nothing if not a grafter, a quality he learned from his family. When his parents settled in America after leaving Nigeria in their late 20s, they had nothing. Within a few years, his father had worked his way up to the position of investment banker and his mother had studied to become a doctor. “Pain is a direct line to royalty,” Rotimi says of the family’s work ethic. “The thought process is just working hard, get your job done and be successful”.

10. His mother dreamed he’d be a performer before he was born

Before he’d sung his first note or donned his first stage costume, Rotimi’s mother already knew what her son would end up doing. “My mum is a prayer warrior. She’s very spiritual so when she 0was pregnant with me she had a dream about Bob Marley and he said “your son is going to finish my legacy” the actor shared with Pulse.

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