The Real Reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Split up is Extremely Simple

The Real Reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Split up is Extremely Simple

Watching Hollywood couples implode isn’t anything new. It happens to nearly everyone at some point it would seem, with only a few exceptions to the rule existing at any given time. For Anna Faris and Chris Pratt however you wouldn’t have really expected it to look at them. They seem genuinely happy every time they’re together and are almost always hanging on each other in a manner that suggests nothing less than absolute joy.

But even the stars dim a little when they stay together for longer than they should. In this case however it doesn’t seem to be the fault of either one that they’re splitting up. Really, it seems more likely that there’s something that is easy to control but is still problematic between them. You might think it sounds a little silly when you hear the theory but bear in mind that there have already been dozens of theories, this is just one more.

Remember when Chris was still playing the part of Andy on Parks and Recreation? He was still chubby and yet endearing enough that he was a welcome part of the show. Pratt wasn’t even that well known when he was playing opposite Vince Vaughn in Delivery Man. He was funny, he was charming, but he wasn’t so famous that you tended to watch him instead of Vaughn. That’s kind of changed since he was forced to get in shape for his role as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy. Since then you can only imagine the level of stress that’s been going on between Pratt and Faris.

You might think that getting in shape would make the relationship a little more fun since it usually means that a person has more energy and generally feels better about themselves. But it can also backfire as well. For one, now that Pratt is a megastar in Hollywood his free time has no doubt lessened to a great degree. He is in such high demand that his home life couldn’t possibly be anything other than chaotic and even reduced to short bursts of family life that he has to carve out on his own.

There might also be a bit of a jealousy issue now that he’s considered a hunk, though no one really knows whether Faris is the type to covet her man or not. The issue is still big enough to be given consideration since as Andy he was quite chubby and in his other roles he’s now this super-ripped, A-list star that could ostensibly have anyone he wants. That doesn’t seem to be the case however, but there is still trouble in paradise, enough so that the two feel it is necessary to split.

They have decided to call it a split and not a full on separation however, almost as a means of saying there might be a future for them down the line. This could be good news considering that they do make a nice-looking couple. Time will tell, but for now it would seem that Chris Pratt becoming too famous too quickly and being body-shamed into his current roles might have been the cause of this split.


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