Ranking The Top 10 Doctor Who Episodes of All-Time

Ranking The Top 10 Doctor Who Episodes of All-Time

Doctor Who is a show that’s been on the air for a very long time.  In fact it’s spanned more than 5 decades.  The show is a British science-fiction television programme produced by the BBC since 1963. The program depicts the adventures of a Time Lord called “the Doctor“, an extraterrestrial being from the planet Gallifrey. The Doctor explores the universe in a time-travelling space ship called the TARDIS.  Along the way there are countless adventures, surprises, you name it.  People have their favorite episodes, not to mention their favorite Doctor Whos over the years. Below is a list of our picks for ten of the most popular episodes in the history of the show. If you haven’t already seen them, you might want to add a few of these to your list of things to watch.

1. The Faceless Ones

This is an interesting episode and it’s also one of the earliest, if not the earliest, examples of the show. This particular episode dates back to the early 1960s and has a lot of charm, to say the least. While it doesn’t have all the special effects of the more recent episodes, it does have a quality about it that isn’t frequently seen in modern television.

2. The Hand of Fear

This is one of the better episodes from the 1970s, especially when you consider the fact that it features Dr. Baker, one of the most loved characters in the show’s history.

3. Day of the Doctor

This one is worth watching for its storyline, but it’s also highly thought of because it features something that’s relatively rare. In this case, two of the doctors, number ten and eleven, are featured together. There are a lot of different doctors in this series, but it’s relatively rare that viewers have the chance to see more than one at a time.

4. The Twelfth Doctor Regenerates

Come one, who wouldn’t love to watch the episode where one of the doctors regenerates? That’s all you really need to know about this one in order to know you should probably watch it.


5. Thin Ice

If you like the ones that combine modern special effects with fast-paced stories, this is one that you will undoubtedly enjoy, especially as you watch everyone try to get out of various questionable situations.

6. Revenge of the Cybermen

This is another one from the mid-1970s. It doesn’t have the best special effects, but it’s an interesting story nonetheless. If you love watching some of the vintage episodes, this is one you have to put near the top of your list.

7. The Lie of the Land

If you like the more intense episodes where someone is really being put through their paces, so to speak, this is the one. It’s also got plenty of suspense, so it’s worth seeing for anyone who is a fan of this series.

8. The Name of the Doctor

This is probably one of the more interesting episodes, especially if you like surprise endings. This one is quite a shocker, so be prepared.

9. The Big Bang

It seems like there is really something for everyone when it comes to Doctor Who. The episodes are as varied as the number of people to have played the title role. If you’re into scenes that require you to grab a few tissues, go ahead and get comfortable so you can have a good cry.

10. The Eleventh Hour

This one is for action fans. This particular episode has plenty of it, along with more than its fair share of suspense.

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