Raising Kanan Season1 Episode 4: Seven Lessons We Learned

Raising Kanan Season1 Episode 4: Seven Lessons We Learned

Raising Kanan Season1 Episode 4: Seven Lessons We Learned

In every legendary New York drug story best friends and even brothers often end up turning on each other. If it’s one thing we have learned from all the series in the Power universe is that relationships in the game are fragile. While the previous episodes have been somewhat action-packed in this episode the audience finally gets to see another side of Unique. Up until now, we have yet to see his grittiness and most of us were pretty sure that Raq was really running the show.  Here are a few interesting life lessons we can learn from the characters in this crime drama:

Lesson #1 – Sometimes the people we love the most can be our downfall

The episode begins with Unique torturing his childhood best friend and right-hand man Trez-G because of a failed delivery. Unique is full of rage but you can also tell that he is genuinely hurt. Not only has Trez become hooked on the product but he has also been stealing some of it for his own personal use during the drought which has set his business back considerably. Unique eyes are filled with tears as he pulls the trigger.  It’s obvious that Unique doesn’t want to have to kill the person closest to him but in his position, he can’t show any signs of weakness. Trez wasn’t trustworthy and he had to be taken care of.

Lesson #2 It’s important to teach your children how to survive on their own

Kanan prepares a nice meal for the weekly dinner date he and his mom have every week only for it to be ruined by the presence of Symphony, his mom’s new boyfriend. Symphony joins them for dinner and he comments on how Kanan spaghetti is worth paying for and how the sauce has a nice kick to it. Most teens of Kanan age have no idea how to cook such a meal. It’s clear that Raq is adamant about teaching him to be self-sufficient so that he can survive in this world.

Lesson #3 Money truly makes the world go round

It’s obvious that anybody is willing to do just about anything for the right amount of cash. The owner of the bodega accepts cash bribes from Raq and her people and so does the NYCHA housing director.

Lesson #4 When it comes to matters of the heart it’s important to not move too fast

When it comes to falling in love, moving too fast can be downright dangerous. In this episode Davina and Kanan are official. Kanan is so enamored with Davina that he brings her to their trap house which is supposed to be confidential. Once unique finds out that Kanan is dating Davina, he promises to help get her mom clean in exchange for the address to the trap house. Although her intentions weren’t malicious it was still a big betrayal to Kanan. It results in a large amount of their product being stolen. Kanan shouldn’t have been so forthcoming with his family’s personal business.

Lesson #5  Never betray something you are not

Famous is in the studio with a local upcoming producer Crown. Although Crown is impressed with his flow he doesn’t like Famous gangsta lyrics because he feels that it’s not an accurate depiction of who he is. He pushes Famous to rap about the “dope boy life” which is his truth.

Lesson #6 Distinct upbringing and racial differences can affect romantic relationships

The show frequently explores the topic of racial and upbringing differences. When Marvin ends up in bed with Toni in her mind they are kind of a couple. But Marvin shuts all that down and lets her know that they are from two different worlds and due to the fact that they are different races they could never understand each other.  Jukebox finally gets to meet Nicole’s parents. Nicole’s father used slang to try and relate to her, seemingly unaware of how offensive this is.

Lesson #7 Trust is hard to come by

After Unique’s spot is raided by police and he has to kills the right-hand man he doesn’t trust anyone. This leads to him making a bad decision to cut the product to stretch it out. This significantly reduces the quality and it can affect his business reputation.  While this episode is jam-packed with several life gems the ending does leave us with a lot of questions. Will Kanan find out it was Davina who gave the location of the trap house? Will Raq get her stolen product back?KananPower

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