Power Book II: Ghost – Who Is Lorenzo?

Power Book II: Ghost – Who Is Lorenzo?

Power Book II: Ghost – Who Is Lorenzo?

On Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, we finally get a chance to learn a little bit more about Lorenzo as his character portrayed by Berto Colon is no longer playing the sidelines but has been promoted to a  character. Lorenzo’s promotion has fueled all different types of theories and sparked a whole lot of questions over the last few weeks. Is Lorenzo going to get out of jail early? Will he end up clashing with Monet and becoming her enemy? If he gets out early how will he reclaim his organization?

Who Is Lorenzo Tejada?

In Power Book II: Ghost Season 1, we learned that Lorenzo Tejada is Monet’s husband and the father of their children Cane, Diana, and Dru. Lorenzo is also the leader of the Tejada organization. When he got locked up on drug and gang affiliation charges he had his wife, Monet step up and take over his organization. Lorenzo is serving a 25- year prison sentence and but has already served ten years of it. Even behind bars, Lorenzo is a man of power and influence. In Season 1, when Tasha was locked ups she sought Lorenzo’s help in getting a Plan B to one of the female inmates that she wanted to get in good with who was pregnant by one of the corrections officers. We also saw that Lorenzo’s name still held weight when he had Cane pay him a visit after he got into a physical confrontation with Monet. When Cane arrived, Lorenzo had the prison guards jump him and tell him to never touch his wife again.

What Is Lorenzo’s Storyline In Season 2?

We’re four episodes in Season 2. Although Lorenzo is still behind bars we see him guide his family through some tough situations. During his conjugal visits with Monet where they often discuss problems with the business and issues that may spring up within their family. When Cane came back to Monet offering a new plug, Lorenzo told Monet to take him back in. Diana questioned this decision, however, when she went to visit her dad in prison, he made it clear that Cane was family and that they always take care of family. Fans of the show suspect that sometime this season, Lorenzo will get out of prison. This theory may actually be true because, in Season 2, Episode 3 Diana secretly steals money from the bar to pay Davis hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to see what he can do for her father. It turns out that Saxe discovers some information that can go get Lorenzo out on a technicality. The chances of Lorenzo coming home this season are very high. But what does that mean for the Tejada family and how will it affect their business with Tariq?

The Future of Monet and Lorenzo’s Relationship

Lorenzo and Monet’s relationship is crumbling and Lorenzo doesn’t even know it. Lorenzo isn’t supportive of Monet. When she asks him if she can refinance the house to pay for Zeke’s lawyer he immediately tells her no. Monet has done a lot for Lorenzo, their family, and his organization while being locked up. The least he could do is support her in fighting to clear Zeke’s name since he is her family. It’s obvious that Lorenzo doesn’t fully appreciate all that Monet has done over the last ten years to rebuild their organization and hold the family down. Lorenzo doesn’t know that Monet had an affair with Detective Ramirez, a dirty cop that helped keep the heat off the Tejada family and provided inside information.  Monet’s affair with Ramirez was strictly for protection, but we doubt that Lorenzo will see things this way since he often preaches the values of family and loyalty.

Monet’s budding new relationship with Mecca or Dante as she calls him will also be a source of contentions.  “We need to fight for Zeke now, let me do that by your side. We’ll save our son together, ” Dante proclaims to Monet at the end of Episode 4 before kissing her. At one time, Monet and Dante were madly in love. Things didn’t work out and Monet never told him that she was pregnant. Dante figured out that Zeke is his child with Monet. Dante isn’t just back to be a father to his son, but he’s determined to reclaim what was once his; Monet’s heart. Dante wants to save Monet from the life she’s living. He doesn’t believe that she should have to hustle or be involved in such a dirty game. It’s obvious that Monet has some unresolved feelings for Dante, but she knows that leaving Lorenzo won’t be that simple. Stay tuned for Episode 5, Sunday to find out what happens next.

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