Official Trailer for the Andre The Giant Documentary

After watching the clip I can only hope that the Andre the Giant documentary is going to be something that is able to give a true accounting of the man and all he did for the WWE. Andre was someone that you obviously didn’t mess with if you valued how your face was arranged, but behind the scenes a lot of people claim that he was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. When folks say that Mother Nature did something impressive or simply glorious they weren’t kidding. If you think Braun Strowman is impressive, and he is, then Andre the Giant is the reason why big men were made to be something other than attractions in a freak show. He had the personality and the ability to become so much more, and he did.

But there were negatives to being as big as he was as well. He was in pain quite often due to his size and the fact that he was often asked to take on more than many men since he could handle much more. He was the big man on campus and despite the argument that he wasn’t as tall as the WWE said he was, he was still the biggest guy in the locker room. That height made him a natural wonder, but his size also made him an immediate attraction and as a result he could barely get any time to himself since people would continually mob him trying to get his attention. While he was normally a nice guy he needed his space from time to time and being who he was it was extremely tough. But much like another big man that’s been named as one of the biggest helpers of new talent, the Undertaker, Andre the Giant was one of the guys in the back that people could rely on and could talk to when they needed such a thing.

I really do hope that they give a good accounting of this man since he is a legend in the business and was someone very fun to watch. His feuds with various superstars were always a treat since it stood to reason that he could mop the floor with them since he was so much bigger. And Andre wasn’t slow for his size, he could move when he wanted to and when he needed to, at least for a while. As he started to age Andre’s skills began to fade a bit since thanks to his size and the gigantism he dealt with he was forced to undergo a few surgeries to remain mobile and he was reportedly in constant pain. This was why he drank so much, or so it’s said. Andre could drink enough to get at least half a dozen grown men drunk and still keep going. One might believe that his liver would have rotted out long ago but he could drink any four men under the table and not bat an eyelash. If you were in that much pain though and painkillers weren’t enough, then alcohol seems like it’d be a good substitute.

Andre the Giant was a legend for many reasons, but most of all he was a great athlete.

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