10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nikki Mudarris

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nikki Mudarris

Nikki Mudarris

Love & Hip Hop may not be the most popular reality show on TV, but it has produced its own share of celebrities, including Nikki Mudarris. Better known as Miss Nikki Baby, she started as a supporting figure on the show. She was introduced as Mally Mall’s girlfriend, sparking a public life that has made thousands curious about her.

Since then, fans of Love & Hip Hop have gotten to learn much more about her. They know she’s a socialite, lingerie designer, real estate agent, and heiress to a strip club. But there is so much more to Nikki than meets the eye, which is why below, we’ve compiled ten things you did not know about her.

1. She Grew Up in Hollywood Hills

Wondering where Nikki Mudarris grew up? The answer is Hollywood Hills. She was born on June 28, 1990, which makes her a Cancer and a middle-aged millennial. Being born in one of America’s wealthiest zip codes has served Mudarris well, as she has hung out with successful and famous people that helped get her big start. It certainly makes sense that such a socialite would grow up right in the backyard of some of the biggest-name celebrities in the country.

2. Nikki Mudarris’ Family Owns a Strip Club

Nikki Mudarris is heir to a strip club empire

This is a most interesting fact if you stop to think about it. The entire family collectively owns two strip clubs, to be exact. One is the Seventh Veil in Los Angeles, and the other is The Body Shop, which operates in Las Vegas. Indications are that Nikki Mudarris will one day own both of these shops. Since she is so open about her sexuality, she makes no secret that she supports classy environments where the human body can be fully displayed.

3. Her father is of Italian and Lebanese descent

When it comes to her background, her family is quite diverse. Her father, Abu, has roots in both Italy and Lebanon. This enabled him to make quite a few contacts throughout the West Coast. That’s one of the primary reasons his family has become so influential in the region. He’s proud of his heritage, and Nikki Mudarris is as well. Additionally, her mother is of French-Morroccan origin.

4. Nikki Mudarris is an Entrepreneur

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nikki Mudarris

As one might expect from someone from an entrepreneurial background, Mudarris has never been afraid of trying new business ideas. She owns an LA-based clothing brand known as Nude by Nikki. Many people might not know this, but she graduated from USC with a bachelor’s in Business Communications. Her brand sells everything from lingerie to bikinis and workout gear. With a beautiful collection of bright and nude colors, her loyal customers eagerly await her following collection.

5. She’s the Daughter of the Godfather of Burlesque

No, this does not mean that Nikki Mudarris’ family has a Mob connection. On the contrary, it simply signifies her father’s vital role in the community. He is a well-respected businessman. In true Italian style, he is referred to as the Godfather by those who knew him the best. This makes Nikki Mudarris the daughter of the Godfather, which is quite an interesting title to have to say the least.

6. Nikki Mudarris is an open bisexual

Nikki Mudariss with Rosa Acosta out together

In an era where everyone seems to be shying away from their sexuality, Nikki Mudarris is quite open about hers. She is bisexual. This forms the basis for many of the Love & Hip Hop episodes in Season Three. She is also not afraid to discuss her relationship with both men and women. But this is always provided that the other person is also amenable to the fact. 

7. Her brother died of a drug overdose in 2015

Nikki Mudarris was close to her brother. While she does not talk a great deal about it to this day, he was pronounced dead as the result of a drug overdose back in 2015. There are many indications that this has impacted the entrepreneur. No doubt she will continue to be outspoken on the issue in the future.

8. She once dated Safaree Samuels and Rosa Acosta

Nikki Mudariss and Safaree Samuels on a date

Nikki Mudarris was once in a relationship with rapper Safaree Samuels. She also went on to date model Rosa Acosta. Needless to say, she’s not afraid to show off her love for both the male and female forms. Unfortunately, neither relationship went anywhere, but it wasn’t for a lack of attraction.

9. She Joined Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood as a Supporting Cast Member

Many people were probably introduced to Mudarris when she became a main cast member of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Season Three. But what fewer people know is she started as a support cast member on the show’s first two seasons. As her popularity grew, she took on more responsibility to the point that seasons 3-5 had her appearing in every episode. This helped her fame grow, and her status as a socialite was undoubtedly buoyed by her appearances here.

10. Nikki is Into Real Estate

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nikki Mudarris

When she isn’t working on her clothing brand, Nikki Mudarris moonlights as a real estate agent. She helps clients find their dream and forever homes. Her agency services Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Some areas where she can help you get a good home include Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Downtown, Calabasas, and Westwood.

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