10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross

Wrestling is one career that has had its fair share of challenges. To become a professional wrestler, one must be a frequent visitor to the gym and should be courageous enough when facing competitors in the ring. All the famous wrestlers that we know have been through their ups and downs, and Nikki Cross is one of them. Nikki’s journey to being a professional wrestler can be said to have started by accident. She just stumbled on a wrestling match on the television, and that ignited her passion for becoming a wrestler. She has now taken the wrestling industry by storm and is famous for her excellent performance on the ring. Get to know more about Nikki by checking these facts about her.

1. She is married to her fellow WWE champion

Nikki is married to Killian Dain, who is also a WWE champion. The two have been together since 2008 and finally decided to have their wedding in Scotland. In an interview with Rounda Rousey, she says that the marriage was so intimate, and they had to involve only friends and family members. She reveals that it was happy to celebrate with everyone, and her mum was so delighted to see her walking down the aisle. For Nikki, marriage is a great pleasure since Killian is her perfect match.

2. She went back to college to pursue a history course

We all know Nikki to be a full-time wrestler, but apart from wrestling, she also attends school to further her studies. She says that wrestling is her passion and her dream career, but she also saw it useful to take some courses in a college in Florida. Nikki did art history, American history, and women’s history. She applied to do the classes online since that could be convenient for her so that she can balance between wrestling and studies.

3. She has a master’s degree

Being a professional wrestler leaves one with little time to pursue other things, but Nikki is good at multitasking. When she decided to study and earned a bachelor’s degree, she did not stop there. Nikki went to the University of Glasgow for her master’s degree. She is the real definition of ambition. As if that is not enough to take up all her time, Nikki still is a fitness instructor.

4. She likes reading and watching

Apart from wrestling and academics, Nikki loves reading and watching television. When at home with her husband, they try to do the things that both of them enjoy. Nikki says that they are movie people and make several visits to the cinemas. Sometimes the couple stays at home to catch their favorite shows on television. Nikki loves to read books on crime thrillers, and one book that she can recommend for you is one written by Patricia Cornwell. She likes the way the author tells the stories in that book. Since she is a wrestler, she also enjoys reading wrestling biographies.

5. She plays other sports

Nikki is known for wrestling, but before joining the profession, she participated in many other games. While growing up in Scotland, she played basketball, netball, and hockey. Apart from these sports, Nikki was a dancer, and a cheerleader hence loved attending competitions in Glasgow. Despite the cheerleading and dancing skills, she spent more time competing than cheering her teams.

6. Nikki knew she would be a wrestler when she was 10

Just like other wrestlers who identify the skill when still young, Nikki is not an exception. She found that she had the potential of being a great wrestler when she was 10. Nikki saw women doing well in the ring and wished to be like them. She says in an interview with Miami Herald that it all started when her sister put on the television a wrestling match. She says that was the first match she set her eyes on and started reasoning in the line of being a professional wrestler.

7. She found her first trainer through Google

When we desperately want something, we have to explore all options to get it. When Nikki realized that she could be a good wrestler, she sought for a trainer through Google. As she was searching for one, she found one trainer famously known as Killian Dain. According to The Mix, Dain says that Nikki is one wrestler who was full of determination and he sees it as a great privilege to train her. He disclosed that Nikki could not agree with him when he told her that she could not do something.

8. She gained experience in wrestling through working with different people

Nikki started wrestling when she was 18 and felt like she has been fighting her entire life. She went to fight in Japan, Europe, Canada, and many parts of the United Kingdom. Working with varied wrestling styles and different people gave her the additional experience that gave her a competitive edge. With Nikki’s determination to be the best, she was always ready to try new stuff and was never afraid of anything.

9. She is the longest-reigning professional wrestler of EVE championship

Nikki started her wrestling career working with the Scottish Wrestling Alliance back in 2008. Her performance was excellent, and she captured the attention of numerous promotions with EVE championship professional wrestling being the major one. EVE Championship professional wrestling will remember her for her long reign. She won the title three times, making her the longest-reigning champion by holding it for 665 days.

10. She loves interacting with her fans on social media

Seeing Nikki on the ring as her fan is not the only way of finding her. Nikki uses her social media platforms to interact with her fans and also through her videos on YouTube. She shares her exciting photos on Instagram regularly, especially when she is set for competition. When you look at her YouTube, you will see a lot of trilogy videos of her inside the ring. She also endorses some products of companies with whom she has contracts.Rounda Rousey

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