New Star Wars Theory Could Hugely Impact Mandalorian Season 2

New Star Wars Theory Could Hugely Impact Mandalorian Season 2


After reading the theory on the darksaber as those at MovieWeb did it feels as though the fabled weapon has stirred up a small dust devil of facts that will likely make it into The Mandalorian season 2 if only to be mentioned in some meaningful way before the season is allowed to continue on. Or maybe the theory will be threaded throughout the season as Mando continues on his quest to find Baby Yoda’s people and return him to them. In any case the darksaber is a big talking point in the series as the folks at MovieWeb have pointed out since it has quite the history and has been a part of the Mandalorian culture for a little while now. It’s kind of fitting given that the Mandalorians are a bigger part of the franchise than some people might think, especially since they’re among the only cultures in the entire galaxy that have gained a reputation for being able to handle Force users, both Sith and Jedi, by using more conventional means. It does beg the question of how Moff Gideon came to possess the blade however, but maybe with the emergence of Bo-Katan and Sabine Wren in the series we’ll be given a little better idea of just how this happened. The appearance of the blade was enough to get a lot of people talking after the finale since the reality is that there are a lot of lightsabers out there, and while a few of them are distinct and unique enough for people to recognize them from one another, the darksaber is something that stands out among the rest since its blade is the only black-colored one that exists, so far as anyone knows.

The theory that’s been devised is better explained by Reddit user ImpulsiveBeetle, as it was revealed by Ryan Scott:

“This is less a theory and more just an observation, but since the Darksaber is passed down via inheritance or through killing another one in a duel then eventually that means it belongs to Luke. Pre Viszla got it because it was passed down from his ancestors and Maul got it from slaying Pre Viszla. So that means since Obi-Wan slayed and killed Maul in ‘Rebels,’ then it is technically his. Darth Vader then killed Obi-Wan in a duel, making him the rightful owner. Since Darth Vader wasn’t killed in a duel and technically died on his own by taking off his mask, then that means that in passes down onto his son, Luke. Making Luke the rightful owner and heir to the Darksaber.”

That’s quite the stretch really since a lot of people might argue the validity of all this in terms of continuity and the the stories really fold into each other, but it would be interesting to think that Luke would be the rightful owner of the darksaber. Likely as not he wouldn’t have used it, deciding to put it away for safekeeping, but it’s also unlikely that we’ll see any representation of Luke in the upcoming season. It feels safe to think that we might hear mention of him, that he might be named or spoken of in an off-handed way, but since Mark Hamill said he’s done with the character it’s very likely that we won’t be seeing him. Of course if one reads anything into that wording then there’s always room to wonder if there will be another actor brought in to cameo as Luke, perhaps not as a main character, but someone that still shows up here and there in the story. Hey, they made a younger Han Solo and gave him a whole movie, so what’s to stop anyone from creating a young Luke and having him appear for a moment or two in season 2? People might actually flip if that happened, but don’t go holding your breath just yet since there’s no word of any hidden surprises coming.

People are already chomping at the bit to see season 2 and what it’s bound to bring, not to mention to see just whether or not Mando will be able to find Baby Yoda’s people, if that’s allowed, and return him to a more stable community that will know how to care for and nurture a Force-user. It’s enough to wonder at this point if Mando will be able to let go of The Child since he went to great lengths by defying the Imperials to retrieve Baby Yoda after his job was done. Obviously the idea of honor among Mandalorian’s is more than just lip service since Mando has shown more than once that he’s not exactly a hero, but he is someone with principles and he does know how and when to get payback on those that have wronged him. Season 2 is going to be interesting, that much is pretty obvious.

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