Mystery Men 2 Might be Interesting

Mystery Men 2 Might be Interesting

Mystery Men 2 Might be Interesting

Back in 1999 there was a movie that was released that didn’t do that well when it came to the box office, in fact it didn’t even make its budget back, but it’s gained a bit of a cult following since that time. Mystery Men was the type of movie that felt like one giant parody of the various superhero movies that have audiences have enjoyed over the years, and it was absolutely ridiculous. But despite the moronic premise, the movie was quite enjoyable thanks to the actors and the manner in which they portrayed their characters. Ben Stiller, William H. Macy, Hank Azaria, Janeane Garofolo, Paul Reubens, Kel Mitchell, and several others made this movie what it was, which was a giant mess of a movie that somehow became something that people couldn’t help but enjoy after a while. Perhaps it was the fact that it was supposed to be silly, or maybe it was just that people happened to like the cast, which was studded with big-name stars and even a few individuals that came as a surprise to a lot of people that made the movie as popular as it became. 

But to think that a second movie would even be considered is kind of interesting since there would be a lot to unpack when it comes to what became of the Mystery Men two decades later. It’s hard to know whether every cast member would even return at this time, since there were plenty of popular actors that took part in the story. But in terms of the story, it might be interesting to see what’s become of the group after so long. Twenty-three years later is a long time to to think about, and as one should be able to imagine, every hero on the team has aged quite a bit since then. Perhaps the sequel could have something to do with a new generation of heroes and villains, while using the original heroes as their mentors. 

However the story might go it sounds as though Ben Stiller is fully on board if this project does happen. Hopefully the hilarity would be kept in a sequel since the original did have the type of humor that was a bit odd and even cringe-worthy at times, but it still managed to make people laugh and get them on board when it came to the main point of the movie. Initially made up The Shoveler, Blue Raja, and Mr. Furious, the team started out as a trio of misfit superheroes that couldn’t do anything right and had to be bailed out by the cops and Mr. Amazing, who was played by Greg Kinnear. When Mr. Amazing manipulated the system and released one of his worst enemies, Casanova Frankenstein, who was played by Geoffrey Rush, things started to heat up as Casanova brought together the criminals of the city and started causing a great deal of trouble. After capturing Captain Amazing, Frankenstein and his crew made it clear that they had no respect for the other heroes, who had at that point been joined by Spleen, Invisible Boy, The Bowler, and Sphinx. 

Continuing that trend into a sequel might be kind of fun since the truth is only a couple of the Mystery Men have a real power, and Invisible Boy’s ability is dependent on no one looking at him, while Spleen’s is a little gross considering that his flatulence is a deadly weapon. Sphinx has about the most impressive ability of the bunch, but one has to wonder if it can be applied to more than just guns. All in all though, this team did learn how to work together and even before their unification, the antics of the original three were rather humorous and did manage to work in an interesting manner. Before this movie it was hard to take the idea of a fork being used as a weapon serious. Of course, even after watching the movie it’s still tough to take it seriously, but that’s okay. One big impediment though to this movie might be the whole idea of wokeness since to be fair there are plenty of moments in the movie that might not work in this day and agae. 

From crude humor to touching moments and back to crude humor, this movie was fairly enjoyable despite not being quite as popular as many others. A sequel might be kind of fun to see, but the question is how many people would watch it and would it be better to put it on streaming. Time will tell no doubt, since this could be more rumor than reality. But it would be kind of cool if it became a reality at some point, if only because it might be nice to see what happens superheroes get old.

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