Skins US 1.07 “Michelle” Review

Skins US 1.07 “Michelle” Review

Skins US 1.07 “Michelle” ReviewEverything’s out in the open after last night’s Skins not only blew the lid on secret relationships and mind games run amok, but STDs and some epic male whoring as well. Almost no one was left unscathed in the aftermath that was TonyGate, but one thing is for sure: the US gang has clearly made their own path and tend to stick to it.

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle. It’s sad how gullible you were, but blaming everyone else for not telling you what was blatant all along is not how one should handle a much needed wake up call. The saddest thing to me throughout the whole ordeal was how everyone who knew about Tony’s long list of conquests behind Michelle’s back thought that she knew about the cheating. When it gets that ridiculous, you can’t do anything else but pull the plug on the ‘relationship’ and make sure to get some serious counseling afterwards.

As a person, Michelle (as she wondered throughout the episode) is a very intelligent girl, but like the school prinicipal who read her said, she dumbs herself down to fit Tony’s ideal mold. It’s here where we have to dock a few points off of Michelle’s grade concerning self-esteem and common sense, because as Daisy spelled it out for Michelle: “Tony is NOT all that.” Seriously.

Tony seriously thought he had Michelle bumped to the point that he had code words lined up to woo her back. The problem was he used the wrong one in “You love me,” because it was pretty much a one-sided display of affection and is just something… awful to say to someone whose heart you just pissed on after ‘burning’ it to a crisp. Michelle gained a lot of the respect she lost throughout the episode (and maybe season) when she politely asked Tony up out of her bed and threw his “you love me” phrase in his face on the way out. Now that he sees that Michelle is not one to play around with, will Tony grow up just a tad bit and realize that he doesn’t have everyone so in check as he thought he did?

Other interesting bits in the episode included the history of the love triangle of Tony/Michelle/Stanley that I didn’t know anythingSkins US 1.07 “Michelle” Review about. So Stanley and Michelle were best friends every since they were small kids, which is a welcoming twist in the story… if it was introduced earlier, because now this revelation makes all the previous scenes between Michelle and Stanley seem a bit odd and off. Michelle would always compliment Stanley as if she met him through Tony instead of the the other way around. I might’ve missed something from an earlier episode, but even if that’s the case it still seems odd.

As for the whole Tea confusion, I’m still in the dark as to her reasoning for sleeping with Tony twice. I know they have some sort of mind game/”match” connection thing going on, but couldn’t they have just connected on a strictly platonic level? As for anyone trying to understand this “attraction” between Tea and Tony, it’s going to be a hard feat to accomplish. Looking forward to an answer about this mess soon…

What were your thoughts? And did I leave anything out that you might want to discuss?

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