Category: Drama

Drama movies coverage including spoilers, reviews, pictures, videos, recaps and interviews.

Movie Review: Green Book

There are plenty of times when people are given the chance to remember what things used to be like back in the day, even if they’re given stylized versi

Movie Review: The Last Duel

Talking about a movie based on what the critics say about it is a little too easy, which is why watching a movie and then giving an account of it from persona

Movie Review: Dragged Across Concrete

This is kind of an odd movie to see emerge in a woke era, and with the idea that cops still aren’t the favored people of many citizens across the countr

Movie Review: Cry Macho

Is it time for Clint Eastwood to retire yet? That might sound a little more cynical than it needs to be, but the fact is that Eastwood is slowing down, as thi

Movie Review: Aftermath

It’s not exactly common to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in a movie like this but it does make a bit of sense considering that he’s no longer quite as

The Movie Crossroads Could Use a Reboot

How many people even remember Crossroads? The 1986 movie starring Ralph Macchio and Joe Seneca as two musicians at different stages in their lives wasn’

Rocky Always Had One Secret Weapon

When Rocky Balboa first came on the scene it’s fair to say that he didn’t look like much since he was kind of a thug and his fighting style involv

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