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Drama movies coverage including spoilers, reviews, pictures, videos, recaps and interviews.

Movie Review: A Separation

Asghar Farhadi is one of the best directors ever sitting on a director’s chair. It will come as no surprise to admirers of the Iranian writer-director t

Movie Review: The King

Historical accuracy doesn’t really come into play when it comes to a lot of movies, no matter that they’re based on historical events. But some mo

Movie Review: The Champion

If you want a movie that will give you inspiration as well as horror and depression, The Champion is a good bet when it comes to delivering all three, conside

Movie Review: Mine

Pick any genre, and it’s very likely that there are hundreds of movies that people can think of within a short period of time. It’s not too diffic

Movie Review: Hell or High Water

The saying “Don’t mess with Texas” is something that many people laugh at to this day since there are instances when this statement is true,

Movie Review: Disconnect

It’s easy to see how society has become disconnected from each other in a lot of ways since between the time we spend apart thanks to work or simply bec

Movie Review: Mississippi Grind

Some actors tend to surprise us by showing in movies that we don’t expect to see them in at times, but one has to remember that actors are just as diffe

Movie Review: Witch Hunt

Kind of like serial killer movies, in which movies have risen through the ranks over the years and become a popular topic among the fans for several reasons t

Movie Review: Collection

It’s kind of interesting to think that Alex Pettyfer used to be a hot prospect when he was first coming up, especially since now it would appear that he

Movie Review: Elvis

The thing about biopics is that while they’re bound to get several things right, there’s always the possibility, perhaps even the certainty, that

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