Money Heist: What We Hate About The Professor’s And Raquel’s Relationship

Money Heist: What We Hate About The Professor’s And Raquel’s Relationship

Money Heist: What We Hate About The Professor’s And Raquel’s Relationship

Raquel and The Professor’s blossoming relationship in the Netflix series Money Heist was an unexpected twist in the series. When it comes to the unexpected the Professor is great at meeting the challenge. Season 3 ended with Raquel getting arrested and the Professor and the rest of the Dali gang fleeing the Royal Mint to safety. Season 4 begins with the Professor also know. As Sergio chilling on a beautiful remote beach with Raquel. Although we don’t know how it happened it’s clear that Sergio rescued Raquel. The Professor and Raquel are madly in love. Although we love to see the “guy get the girl” here are six things we hate about their relationship.

1. The Professor Ruined Raquel’s Reputation

You would think it would be hard to love someone who purposely ruined your name and made you one of the most wanted people in Spain. That isn’t the case for Inspector Lisbon. Before she got wrapped up in the Professor’s game she was a reputable police negotiator and one of the best in the fields. The Professor’s plan to taint the investigation by pursuing a romantic relationship with her under a civilian pseudonym ruined her career and ultimately ruined her life. He even confessed that he choose her because she was a victim of domestic violence and he knew she would be vulnerable. Although the Professor is a fan favorite this part of his plan is cruel. We hate how Raquel was unknowingly implicated in the heist and she has to live with that stain forever.

2. Raquel is in the run with her daughter and mom

Raquel has dragged her mom and daughter into the mess she’s created with the Professor. They all have assumed new identities and are living in a remote location with the Professor. Being on the run is no kind of life for a child or her elderly person.  It’s clear that Raquel has chosen love and this puts her in a really vulnerable position. When she ends up getting arrested in Season 5, her daughter and mom are used as bargaining chips and she’s forced to choose between her love for the Professor and her family.

3. Raquel is the Professor’s first love

We’re not surprised to learn that Raquel is the Professor’s first real relationship and first love. For years, the Professor has lived a very introverted lifestyle and you can tell that he doesn’t get too close to people often. For a man that has never really explored the opposite sex, it can be hard to imagine him settling down with the first woman he’s actually got a chance to know.

4. Raquel hasn’t healed from her previous relationship

It’s no secret that Raquel and her ex-husband had a really toxic relationship. He was abusive and when he captures her in Season 4, you can tell that he doesn’t have any problem killing her. In Season 1, Raquel is fresh out of her marriage, in the process of divorce, and amid a custody battle when she begins seeing the Professor. She doesn’t take any time to heal which is why she jumps into a relationship with Sergio way too fast. In fact, she goes as far as calling him her boyfriend within the first two weeks.

5. Raquel gave up everything to be with the Professor

In every relationship there comes a time when each partner has to make sacrifices but some sacrifices are just too big. The moment Raquel decided to not give up the process and to help him get away she officially made herself an accomplice and threw away her possibility of a future. For a woman who has a lot to lose making such a sacrifice in the name of love was a poor decision.

6. Raquel has drastically changed

As a former police negotiator, Raquel now finds herself directly involved in the execution of the second heist. Raquel used to be an advocate for justice and she loved her job as a cop. Now that she’s with the Professor she has become a criminal.

7. Raquel and The Professor’s Relationship Is Too All-Consuming

When it comes to Raquel’s and the Professor’s relationship they are both willing to risk it all for each other. When Raquel gets discovered in the barn by an officer who also happens to be her ex-husband he puts a gun to her head and is already to blow her brains out if she doesn’t give up the Professor. But she still refuses to do so. The Professor was ready to blow his cover for her and reveal himself although he’s the mastermind of the heist and all the entire Dali gang is depending on him to get them safely out of the second heist. While this all-consuming love is romantic it’s also dangerous.

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