5 Things You Didn’t Know about Mo Brings Plenty


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Yellowstone watchers are probably quite familiar with the name Moses Brings Plenty. In fact, it’s safe to say that his best-known role to date is on the show as Mo. In a nutshell, he’s Gil Birmingham’s Chairman Thomas Rainwater’s, right-hand man.

Altogether, he’s not one to get chatty, but what he does verbalize is nothing short of wise, articulate, and honest. The character is easily likable because he is protective and strong, and he has an obvious moral compass when one is sorely needed. However, what do you really know about Mo Brings Plenty? Here’s what we could gather.


1. He Knows His Roles Are Important

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The most important thing about his work is not to gain fame or riches. Mo Brings Plenty is on a mission to accurately portray his native people. He feels that there simply are not enough people with his history and heritage on television. With that in mind, he prioritizes allowing his roles to educate the world about his people.

2. He’s in a Band

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Believe it or not, Mo Brings Plenty is a talented drummer who plays in a band called Brule. His band strives to combine a sense of traditional Native American drumming with instruments that most people consider contemporary. The flute, for instance, is something they use in their music, and apparently, it’s quite good.

3. He is a Rancher

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Here’s an interesting yet ironic fact, the actor is actually a rancher. His Yellowstone character lives on a reservation and works with his chairman for a common goal. They want to reclaim the land that John Dutton’s ancestors took from their tribe. The land is used as a ranch. However, in his real life, he and his wife reside on their own ranch.

4. His Hobbies are Meaningful


When people think about hobbies, they’re light, mindless activities people do to wind down. But that’s not quite the case when it comes to Mo Brings Plenty’s hobbies. He likes to go for activities that give him a sense of purpose.

With that in mind, some of his hobbies include saving wild horses, preserving the Native American culture, helping at-risk youth, and preserving mother earth for future generations.

5. He Brings an Element of Real Life to his Character


Perhaps one of the reasons he plays the role of Mo in Yellowstone so well is that they’re basically one and the same person. His character is known for being brutally honest and as stoic as they come. In a nutshell, that’s who he is, and he pours that out (or doesn’t pour it) into his acting. Basically, it’s incredibly important for him to add that level of earnesty not only to himself but to the show itself.

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