10 Things You Didn’t Know about Miranda Rae Mayo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Miranda Rae Mayo

She’s gorgeous, talented, and mysterious. Miranda Rae Mayo has been on our radar for more than a decade, and she has made the most of her time. She has captivated viewers with her performance as Stella Kidd on Chicago Fire since 2016, but there’s still a lot to learn about this talented actress. We uncovered ten facts about Miranda Rae Mayo that you may not know.

1. One of Hollywood’s Lucky Few

Miranda Mayo

Miranda was one of the countless thousands of young hopefuls who move to Hollywood every year to pursue their theatrical dreams. Most don’t make it due to the industry being inundated, but Miranda was one of the fortunate and talented few. In fact, she didn’t even have to wait long to begin making her dreams come true. She moved after graduating from high school and started her modeling career. Then in 2011, she got her first role in Law and Order: L.A. Two years later, she secured a recurring role in BET’s The Game, and she’s been going strong as an actress ever since, working consistently.

2. She’s a New Thought Practitioner

Miranda has a spiritual side. Her father was a Baptist, and she grew up in a Mormon church. But as an adult, she’s a New Thought follower. Miranda told the Chicago Sun-Times that she feels there’s a mysterious, magical undercurrent to life that connects us all. Finding one’s spiritual center can be challenging, but this is one woman who knows what she’s about. Miranda believes her thoughts create her reality.

3. She’s a Singer-Songwriter

Miranda Mayo

When it comes to sheer talent, Miranda is far more than just a model-turned-actress. She writes her own music and plays the cello as well as the piano. Mayo has released a few songs, including Forget You, Prayer for Love, and several more. As for her music tastes, she is an avid fan of other musicians, including Billie Holiday and John Coltrane.

4. A Community Minded Eleutheromaniac

When she’s not buying tickets to see Michelle Obama speak live, playing music, working out, or on set, Miranda Rae Mayo takes time out to help her community. Earlier this year, she decided to raise money to support young people in staying centered as well. Miranda and some friends organized The Eleutheromania Experience and successfully raised over five thousand dollars for the Conscious Teen Leadership program at Bodhi Chicago. Eleutheromania is the frantic zeal for freedom.

5. She’s a Philanthropist

Miranda’s live auction “Stripsale” to raise money for teen leadership was far from her first good deed. As an avid philanthropist, Mayo personally donates to several charities regularly, including Reading for Kids, Peace Action West, Amnesty International, and Angel City Pit Bulls. Her commitment to her city and community, like her kindness, is far more than superficial. Someone needs to get this woman a profile on looktothestars.org ASAP.

6. Homeowner

Miranda Mayo

Being a local (and national) celebrity has its perks, and the cast of Chicago Fire is feeling right at home even when they’re not on set. When Miranda Rae Mayo bought a three-bedroom duplex condo in Bucktown for $600,000, it made headlines. Several members of the Chicago Fire cast have become local homeowners, and clearly, the community is embracing them wholeheartedly. Miranda lives near co-star David Eigenberg, who also chose Bucktown for his home. Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney also purchased homes in Chicago for over a million dollars each.

7. She Wants to End Child Poverty

We already mentioned that Miranda raised money for teen leadership and donated to Reading for Kids, but her love and care for America’s youth goes even deeper. Miranda Rae Mayo has used her celebrity to contribute to Red Nose Day, along with many other stars. The somewhat silly noses have a much more meaningful purpose. By wearing a red nose to draw attention, these famous faces are helping to bring awareness and funding to end child poverty. The Red Nose Day organization has raised over $190 million in the last five years.

8. She Kissed a Girl & Liked It

Miranda Rae Mayo

During her time on Pretty Little Liars, her character Talia had a lesbian romance with another character named Emily. Though Miranda didn’t know when she was cast that her role would involve kissing a girl, she had no problem with it. When asked how she felt about it in an interview with AfterEllen, she responded, “I mean, who wouldn’t be excited? The girl is gorgeous, and she’s so wonderful to work with…” Hear! Hear!

9. Loves Her Mother

Miranda’s parents may be divorced, but it hasn’t changed anything about her bond with her mother. She may not spend much time chatting about her family and personal life, but the little she has shared reveals a tight daughter-mother bond between them. The depth of their bond is most revealing in that she stayed with her mother after the divorce and continues to practice the same religion.

10. She keeps her relationship status secret

Miranda Rae Mayo

Whenever stars come up, someone inevitably asks two questions: What’s their net worth, and are they single? In Miranda’s case, we have no idea. She owns a six-hundred thousand dollar home, and she’s been a working actress for almost a decade, but she doesn’t share her financial details publicly. There was an unconfirmed rumor that she might be dating Taylor Kinney, but has been proven false. Taylor is dating a model, Ashley Cruger. As for Miranda, her love life continues to be a black box.

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