Let’s Talk About The Sea Beast Trailer

Let’s Talk About The Sea Beast Trailer

Let’s Talk About The Sea Beast Trailer

From the start, this movie looks like something that’s bound to be pretty straightforward since the idea of a world where humongous sea monsters exist and are a constant threat feels like a story in the making with each sunrise. In a big way, it almost looks like another movie that wants to emulate How to Train Your Dragon, but with a very different viewpoint since it’s taking place primarily on the water, as the trailer would point out. What’s bound to set it apart is that it focuses on a grown man that’s been turned into a legendary character, and a young girl who wants to be like him. So far the trailer looks rather cute and as though it could be a good time for the family to spend watching something that might be equal parts funny and touching since Karl Urban is the type of guy that can crank the crazy way up for a show like The Boys, and then bring it all the back to a reasonable level for something like this. To say that he’s a talented actor is kind of an understatement. 

But getting deeper into the lore of this movie is bound to be a bit interesting since sea monsters and, well, monsters, in general, have been a part of human imagination for long enough that it’s not tough at all to think of how so many stories like this have come to pass. In this instance, it does appear that the audience will get to see a touching story of a young girl seeking acceptance in a world where she’s told that she doesn’t belong. While that’s kind of a common theme it’s also something that people tend to like since it’s touching and it builds up a story in a comfortable way and can cater to those that don’t want to step outside the box that often. 

The monsters already look cartoonish with their bright colors and distinct features, which means that this is likely going to be a movie that’s geared almost entirely toward kids, but will probably be a movie that adults will like simply because their children can get into it. There’s not much doubt that there will be a few jokes threaded into the dialogue here and there that will enable the parents to get a good chuckle, as this keeps the interest up just enough to keep the level of cuteness from pushing inward in a way that makes one wonder why in the world they’re still watching it. Just looking at the trailer it’s likely that this will be a movie that adults can watch while being on their devices, though it’s fair to think that kids will be captivated in a big way since monsters, bright colors, and lots of action appear to be what this movie will feature in a big way. The trailer also gives the impression that there will be life lessons that are going to be learned as well considering that the trailer makes it clear that the young girl will want to be a monster hunter, but kind of like Hiccup in HTTYD, she’ll be the one to discover that the monsters aren’t all as bad as they appear to be.

One has to remember that monsters in nature are typically those creatures that people don’t understand, and are there many ways that the imagination can create a nightmare where there’s only a concerned creature that is trying to survive and/or care for its young. Whether or not that will be an element of this movie is kind of hard to tell as of yet, but there does appear to be a hint that this will come through in some defining way that will change things up in a manner that will be a little bit divisive. This is because the monster hunters in the movie are bound to be of the mind that every monster they come across is simply trying to do them harm for no reason, while the young girl might come to find that the monsters are only doing what they need to to survive, which could set events in motion that would foster many misunderstandings. 

It’s a rather common story that has been told more than once since the mistaken ferocity of a monster is usually seen as something that has a purpose when one really looks. In a big way, it does feel that this is bound to happen in this movie, especially since the dynamic between the main characters is already showing as much. But to hear Karl Urban lend his voice to this character is already one reason why it should be considered a worthy experience for a lot of fans. This could be a lot of fun if people are willing to give it a chance. 

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