What We Know about HBO’s “All Def Comedy” Series

What We Know about HBO’s “All Def Comedy” Series

What We Know about HBO’s “All Def Comedy” Series

Russell Simmons Def Jam was a big hit back in the 90s. This show was aired on HBO from 1992 to 1997 and it featured some of the biggest names in comedy during that era. Comedians such as Dave Chappelle, Mike Epps, Bill Bellamy and D.L. Hughley were featured on the show. Russell Simmons created this program to give black comedians a format for their talent. Def Comedy Jam turned out to be one of the best media outlets for top rated comedians of that era.

Russell Simmons also made the “All Def Comedy Special” which aired back in November of 2016. This was an updated presentation of the original series. Comedians such as Zainab Johnson, Kevin Tate and Chris Powell were featured on this program. These are some of the best black comedians of this era.

Def Jam provided great entertainment during the 90s. In the 2010s this show is going to feature new talented comedians that are perfect for this generation. Simmons wanted to bring back the show in modern times so that this generation could enjoy the new talent that needed a platform to express their comedic ability.

Professional comedians such as Kevin Heart have made a name for themselves outside of Def Comedy Jam so chances are he won’t appear on this program. However, many unknown up and coming comedians are trying get the exposure they need to become highly rated comedic performers and All Def Comedy is the platform they can use for this purpose.

Simmons wants to bring this show back because it is relevant today as it was in the past. He knows that there is a lot of talent that is waiting for the chance to be noticed. He claims that Hollywood is missing out on what many unknown black comedians have to offer. For Simmons, the talent is there and they need a way to express their creativity to the world.

All Def Comedy has taped 10 shows late in 2016. These shows started to air in November and will be presented throughout 2017. The show received positive reviews and the comedians were considered some of the freshest and funniest talent in the industry today.

Russell Simmons is also known for his hip hop connection as well as his tie in to comedy. He helped to found Def Jam back in 1983. This was one of the world’s first rap labels that featured big name acts such as Run DMC. Simmons stated that he enjoys bringing certain aspects of the African American community to the screen or on stage. Comedy is one of the best qualities that many black people possess.

Simmons wanted to share his love for laughter with the world. This is another reason why he created Def Comedy Jam and has brought the show back in modern times. He wants everyone to laugh and to have fun, regardless of their race. Simmons wants to ensure that the best black comedians of today have a way to reach mainstream audiences so that they can be seen and heard by the masses.

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