Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Character in The Boys Season 4 is Going to be Awesome

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Character in The Boys Season 4 is Going to be Awesome
Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Character in The Boys Season 4 is Going to be Awesome

credit: The Walking Dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character in season 4 of The Boys is going to be awesome. That’s a pre-emptive statement, but it’s one that a lot of fans already agree with. Honestly, it’s hard to disagree with it unless one isn’t a fan of Morgan. Hey, it happens. 

But focusing on the fact that fans are already hyped for this, it feels as though his character is already going to please a lot of people. Nathan Mitchell, aka Black Noir, is already in agreement with this idea. With all that’s happened in The Boys at this point, it’s tough to think that much can surprise fans. But one thing that’s obvious is that those involved take this as a challenge. 

It’s a good thing they do since seasons 2 and 3 have shown that there’s still plenty of material left. Plenty of actors have come and gone when it comes to this show. In fact, a couple of them have starred in The Walking Dead as well. Laurie Holden and Laila Robins, aka Andrea and Pamela Milton, have shown up in The Boys. They’ve shown up on different sides, obviously, but it’s interesting to realize that Morgan will stand out as another TWD alumni that have crossed to another popular show. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Character in The Boys Season 4 is Going to be Awesome

credit: The Boys

Morgan’s character isn’t known yet

There isn’t a lot of information about Morgan’s character at this point, at least not anything reported. It’s nice to think that there aren’t any leaks at this time since the surprise is likely going to knock a few socks off. With that said, however, one can’t help but wonder how bad a character in The Boys can get. 

Watching the past few seasons should have answered that question. But with each new season, the bar gets raised again and again. Homelander was bad enough in the minds of many people, despite having plenty of fans. But as things progressed, it was easy to see that Soldier Boy was even worse. 

The ability of Homelander to win people over is disturbing, but it definitely advances the story. One has to wonder if Morgan’s character is as vainglorious as Homelander or as psychotic as Soldier Boy. A really interesting character could encompass both qualities. 

The incoming character is already described as someone not to mess with

This was how things sounded when it was announced that Morgan was signing on to play the part of Negan in The Walking Dead. One of the only differences is that this role is likely far more intense. Given the fact that Negan had charisma but no superpowers, whatever character Morgan portrays this time will come off as even more dangerous. 

All that’s really known is that his character is extremely dangerous. Whether he’s a super or a vigilante is unclear, but if fan theories are proven correct, it’s bound to get a lot more complicated than that. With everything that’s happened in The Boys in season 3, it’s fair to state that shaking things up again is going to leave a lot of fans guessing what will come with each episode. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Character in The Boys Season 4 is Going to be Awesome

credit: The Walking Dead

There are those who think he’ll have a connection to Soldier Boy

One thing that The Boys has done without fail thus far is to keep fans guessing what will happen. From season 1 onward, the fans have usually expressed shock and awe to discover how gritty this story can get. Not only that, but it’s insanely graphic as well, showing that there’s no low to which this show will not stoop. 

Strangely enough, this has made the show even better since fans have reacted in a positive way. As messed up as this show gets, fans love it even more. Part of it is the cast, and part of it is, well, the absolute disregard for sanity at times. It also showcases how superheroes are not perfect and are definitely not balanced individuals. 

How far things are going to go is still the question. There is the danger of becoming too much like a soap opera. This kind of drudgery has killed a lot of shows. Fortunately, The Boys has kept clear of too much campy acting thus far. But the risk is always there. 

It’s easy to wonder if he’s worse than Homelander

Despite Soldier Boy revealing himself as a complete psychopath, Homelander is still worse. The thing is, Soldier Boy is well aware of who he is and is unapologetic. Homelander needs validation of who and what he is. If Morgan does play the role of Soldier Boy’s old man, one can only imagine how screwed up he’ll be. But seriously, fans are ready for it. 

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