Is There A Stranger Things Spin Off Coming to Television?

Is There A Stranger Things Spin Off Coming to Television?
Is There A Stranger Things Spin Off Coming to Television?

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Are the rumors true? Is there a Stranger Things spin-off in the works? More specifically, is there a Stranger Things spin-off featuring nothing but Millie Bobby Brown’s character, Eleven, in the works? The rumor mill has been working overtime all summer, providing ample rumors. Fans can’t decide if they’re overwhelmed with excitement, skeptical, or plain disbelieving. The truth is that fans have a while to wait for the fifth and final season of the hit show – at least until 2024 – and this is leaving every single fan chomping at the bit for any new piece of information. Is there a Stranger Things spin-off featuring Eleven in the works?

No, There is Not a Stranger Things Spin-Off for Eleven Being Created

Sorry, fans, but this is the truth. The Duffer Brothers have already addressed the rumors, and we don’t know what else they can say to convince fans that this is not happening. At the moment, there is no reason to believe the brothers who created Stranger Things will change their minds about this.

“I’ve read these rumors that there’s going to be an Eleven spinoff, that there’s going to be a Steve and Dustin spinoff or that it’s another number. That’s not interesting to me because we’ve done all that. We’ve spent, I don’t know how, many hours exploring all of that. So, it’s very different,” said Matt and Ross Duffer. They are not planning a Stranger Things spin-off featuring Eleven.

Is There A Stranger Things Spin Off Coming to Television?

Credit: @strangerthingstv

Is There Any Spin-Off?

Yes, there is a Stranger Things spin-off in the works. The problem for fans, however, is that the spin-off will not star any of the current stars. There will be no familiar faces. The brothers made it very clear they’ve been there, they’ve done that, and they are all ready to move on from this. It might feel like it’s a lot to take in, but it’s a situation that allows us to quickly glimpse what they have in mind right now. “Hopefully, we find the right person to pass the baton to while we go on to do new stuff,” said the brothers. They want to find a new star, a new character, and a new concept for the spin-off.

When Do We Expect a Spin-Off?

Before you get too excited as a fan, you are not getting a Stranger Things spin-off until the show itself is over. Season four did not give us anything to go on. It ended with more questions than answers. Season five is the final season, and it is the one that will share with us all the things that we’ve wanted to know for so many years. However, there is a long wait for that one.

Secondly, there is no Stranger Things spin-off officially being made. You see, Netflix has not given this any okay. Netflix has not been involved with it. The brothers first have to finish out the final season of the show, which we believe is still in the writing process, and then they have to finish a few other things. They want to make a Stranger Things spin-off, but will Netflix even go for that? These two haven’t even finished the original, and fans want to see that happen before we start on a new show with new stories and new faces.

“For the first time ever, we don’t wrap things up at the end of 4, so it’s going to be moving. I don’t know if that’s going to be going 100 miles an hour at the start of season 5, but it’s going to be moving pretty fast. Characters are already going to be in action. They’re already going to have a goal and a drive, and I think that’s going to carve out at least a couple hours and make this season feel really different,” said brother Matt about the fifth season that we hope will come out early in 2024. He’s ready to go with it, and he’s taking things fast. There is a story to tell but also to wrap up, and they know they typically have about eight episodes to make that happen. Can they do it a fifth time?

Is There A Stranger Things Spin Off Coming to Television?

Credit: @strangerthingstv

While we don’t know what the fifth season will hold, we do know there is a pretty good chance a Stranger Things spin-off will occur. The show is a huge success for Netflix, and it’s not entirely impossible they will say no to a show that is coming from these talented creators that focuses largely on this successful storyline. It might just work.

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