How The New Celebrity Dating Game Compares to the Original

How The New Celebrity Dating Game Compares to the Original

Over the last few years, reboots have become more and more popular, and it looks like the trend won’t be dying down any time soon. The Celebrity Dating Game is one of the latest shows to be revived. The Celebrity Dating Game, which is co-hosted by Michael Bolton and Zooey Deschanel, is based on the 1960s game show, The Dating Game which aired off and on over the course of four decades. The new version of the show promises to tape into all of the good things about the original while adding modern elements that viewers are sure to love, but just how does The Celebrity Dating Game stack up against its predecessor? Keep reading to find out how the new Celebrity Dating Game compares to the original.

What Is The Celebrity Dating Game?

In some ways, the title of the show is completely self-explanatory, but in others, it’s vague enough to leave people feeling confused. That being said, it’s important to explain how the game works before we go any further. First things first, The Celebrity Dating Game will feature celebrity singles who are all looking for love. These celebrities will range from people who are well-known to people who you may have never heard of. The overall goal will be for each celebrity to find their perfect match through a series of clues.

That being said, The Celebrity Dating Game isn’t one of those shows where people are expected to find life partners. Instead, the atmosphere is very casual and it’s assumed that that the celebrity and their suitor of choice simply go out on a date. Unfortunately, however, the show was formatted in a way that

Similarities Between The Celebrity Dating Game And The Original

1. Basic Rules

The overall format of the new series and the original are essentially the same. A celebrity guest will have three potential suitors who are competing to win a date. However, the twist is that the suitors and the celebrity will not be able to see each other. This means that the celebrity will have to make their decision based on their conversations.

2. The Setting

Sure, the setting for each show isn’t exactly the same, but it’s pretty dang close. If you’re old enough to remember The Dating Game, then seeing the set of The Celebrity Dating Game will probably give you a little bit of nostalgia.

3. Things Will Get A Little Risque

The Dating Game was known for having some moments that left participants and viewers blushing. That vibe was something that the producers aimed to recreate with The Celebrity Dating game. Charles Wachter, the show’s executive producer, told TV Insider, “I like the risqué stuff. It’s what you do when you flirt.” He also said, “It is tricky. You want to be risqué but you don’t want to go past a certain line. The challenge was making somebody blush, but keeping the show what we want it to be.”

Difference Between The Celebrity Dating Game And The Original

1. Celebrity Participants

The most obvious difference between the two shows is that The Celebrity Dating Game is played by celebrities. As mentioned earlier, however, not everyone seen on the show will be a celebrity by most people’s standards. Some of them are random reality TV stars. That said, there will be a couple of noteworthy names.

2. Two Hosts

Utilizing two hosts isn’t something we saw in the original Dating Game. It’s unclear why producers chose to go this route this time. It’s important to note, though, that Zooey does most of the traditional hosting duties and Michael Bolton mostly sings and plays the piano.

3. LGBTQ+ Participants

Another major difference is The Celebrity Dating Game will include members of the LGBTQ+ community. This, of course, is also a sign of how much things have changed since the original series was released during the 1960s. According to Charles Wachter, the inclusion of LGBTQ+ celebrities and contestants was a very natural decision.

Is This Reboot Worth It?

Reboots are always challenging. I can imagine that it’s tough to find the perfect balance between picking up where something else left off and trying to create something new. As with all other reboots, there are lots of opinions on The Celebrity Dating Game; both good and bad. Some are excited about the show while others feel like this is yet another reboot that should’ve stayed on the drawing board.

As of now, The Celebrity Dating Game hasn’t been renewed for a second season, so only time will tell if it’s going to have the same longevity as the original.

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