How Many Jeepers Creepers Movies Will There Be?

How Many Jeepers Creepers Movies Will There Be?

How Many Jeepers Creepers Movies Will There Be?

There’s always a question of how many movies absolutely HAVE to be a part of a franchise, but the answer is usually something along the lines of so long as there’s money in it or so long as people are enjoying it. Oh yes, the two can be exclusive. When talking about Jeepers Creepers, though, it’s fair to wonder how many movies this tale will go before it’s finally played out since the truth is that the Creeper, that leathery-skinned individual who frightened so many people in the first movie, has a long origin that needs to be told. How many times he might be retconned and how many times he’ll need to come back to life is hard to say since the last three movies have been kind of, well, meh. Of course, a lot of people would disagree since they happen to enjoy this strange but compelling villain that has been able to exist for so long. But one thing that makes it hard to really get into this character is that, unlike many villains, there is no obvious way to end him for good, which means there could be sequels that hit double digits. 

How many different ways could this villain be used? 

In three movies thus far, he’s been roughly the same character, and it’s not hard to see why many people would rather keep this character the same for a while instead of finding a different way to use him. The change would need to come from those who have to deal with him and whether or not people would learn from the past mistakes and pass this type of knowledge down to keep this creature from feeding on humans at will when he’s allowed to do so. Of course, it’s been done before, as the second movie made it clear that the creature can be incapacitated. But how often can this work, and how many different ways can it happen? How Many Jeepers Creepers Movies Will There Be?

How far can the story really go? 

That has yet to be determined since the fourth and fifth movies already appear to be planned and on their way, with the understanding that they’ll be part of a trilogy that will be separated from the first three movies. One can’t help but wonder if this attempt at retconning will be a hit or if it will make people wonder why the Creeper is still around after all this time. One has to remember that this villain has been around for a couple of decades now, and one of the first victims that a lot of fans should be able to remember was a younger Justin Long, who helped to kick off the franchise. But it should be easy to imagine that this idea could grow stale very quickly unless someone is willing to take it out of bounds and away from the initial story, but not so far that it’s going to be unrecognizable. The edge that a director would have to walk with this story isn’t exactly that fine since there’s a lot of wiggle room when it comes to this story. It’s still smart to think that whoever takes it on is going to need to stick to the original lore, just in case. 

The first movie didn’t really show enough for a lot of people. 

This is an understatement since fans didn’t get to see a lot of the villain in the first movie, and there hasn’t been much more of his origin in the last two movies either. The mystery behind this character appears to be his main draw. Thus far, it’s worked since plenty of people might believe that things would have never progressed beyond the first movie if not for whatever factor contributed to the reason behind keeping the idea around. From the first movie to the third, it’s fair to state that fans didn’t learn as much from the movies as they might have wanted to, but somehow that was okay, as it kept the villain from being too exposed, and it lent him a bit of mystery that might have been missed had he received too much exposition. 

So, how long will Jeepers Creepers last? 

As of now, it’s tough to say since there’s no telling how long fans will keep responding to the villain and his strange story. But with the idea that things will change when the fourth movie hits, it’s interesting to think about the direction that might be taken and the effect it might produce. So far, people are still enjoying the idea and are ready to welcome another couple of chapters of this story, but until we get to see what it’s all about and what direction it will take, this story almost feels like it’s been played out. Maybe, maybe not.

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