How Kristen Wiig Trained for Her Role in Wonder Woman 1984

How Kristen Wiig Trained for Her Role in Wonder Woman 1984

Kristen Wiig isn’t exactly who a person might think of when it comes to playing the part of a Wonder Woman villain, but that’s who’s playing Cheetah in the sequel that should be coming in October, as we’ve all known for a while now. It sounds as though she might have had plenty of help for the role though, and has undergone quite a bit of training to make certain that she can pull it off. From regular fitness training to stunt training for months on end it sounds as though Kristen has been having a good time with it, though obviously she’s gone home sore a few times and had to self-medicate with Epsom salts and a good bottle of wine now and again. Hey, a lot of us have been there, right? It doesn’t sound as though she’s been training with the same intensity as Gal Gadot, but after seeing what the ladies that were training to play the parts of the Amazons had to go through it’s easy to think that not a lot of people would be able to stack up to these kinds of expectations. But Kristen has still been doing her part and making sure that she’s able to fit the role, which is impressive in a big way since she’s been seen primarily as a drama and comedy type of actress throughout much of her career. But being an admitted superhero nerd, Kristen leaped at the chance to star in the sequel to Patty Jenkins’ summer hit as one of the main enemies that Wonder Woman will have to contend with.

There are likely a lot of casual fans that don’t know much about Cheetah despite the fact that she’s a villain of note in Wonder Woman’s story, but the chances appear good that Kristen’s character will be given enough of a lead-in to make certain that she’s fully accepted and appreciated. One could argue that there are plenty of times when villains are simply thrust upon the crowd and aren’t really given that much of a backstory before expecting people to simply go with it and enjoy the show. That’s pretty normal, but a bit of explanation is usually nice since it helps those that don’t know much about the villain to understand them a little better. It does sound as though Barbara Minerva will be given a bit of backstory before she’s thrust into the spotlight in her final form. Kristen has teased that the character will have a couple of different evolutions, but as far as any pictures being released it’s bound to be hard to find them at the moment since a lot of things are currently being kept under wraps.

It’s likely a big hope for DC that this sequel will go off without any trouble since Wonder Woman has been one of the only DC movies to really do anything when it comes to being successful the whole way around. The movie hit a high note with a lot of fans in the summer of 2017 and became the subject of many an article detailing just how she was bound to help the DC universe make a comeback in a big way. Then came Aquaman, then Shazam, and since then it’s been a hope that standalone movies would be able to help DC find some sort of equal ground with other movies in the superhero genre. One thing that can be said that might speak against this however is that by producing standalone movies, DC is essentially admitting that they don’t have anything close to the formula that the MCU has come up with, but are confident in their solo movie game. To be fair it is working for them, and if Wonder Woman 2 is seen to be just as good as the first movie then maybe they’ll have hit upon something that works for them and ensures that they don’t need to try and follow anyone else’s example. So far the talk between DC and Marvel is pretty much the same since fans of both companies will say what they want and try to push various ideas on why one side or the other is better. The truth is that right now the MCU is in waiting mode just like DC, but is definitely more prone to talk at length about what they have in the pipeline.

Wonder Woman 2 looks like it might be yet another high point in the DC universe that could continue to turn things around on the movie scene, though whether it will get to come out on the big screen is still a good question. At this point, VOD is looking like the best option for a lot of movies, no matter if it’s a loss. At least the movie would be out where people could see it.

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