How Can Wolverine Swim Despite all That Metal?

How Can Wolverine Swim Despite all That Metal?

A better question to ask about Wolverine is how the guy can move at all with a coat of metal adorning his skeleton, but the answer for both is pretty easy, he’s simply used to it. The level of conditioning that he’s undergone over the years has made it possible for Wolverine to not only move about and sling that much metal all at once, but it’s made him incredibly tough and stronger than many people realize. He’s still not the type that’s going to be lifting people off of their feet with a single punch or stop a falling car without getting smashed, but in terms of why he’s able to tote around his own bones and why he can swim, but probably not forever, is that he’s extraordinarily tough. His healing factor plays into it a bit since one has to think of what it takes to get stronger and to build muscle since the time and effort put in can take what feels like forever since the gains are so small over a period of time. But Wolverine’s healing factor cuts that time down drastically since it continually repairs any ailments or harm to his body that is incurred from pretty much anything. This is a guy who’s managed to regrow organs and regenerate from the kind of massive damage that would kill most characters. But when it comes to swimming it is accurate to say that he’s like a rock, since he will fall to pretty much any depth once he’s in the water.

Some would likely argue that Wolverine wouldn’t be able to survive under the water for long, and people would be right to argue since brain damage would be a very real issue, but others would state that his body would continue to heal whatever harm was done. Others would even go as far to say that his healing factor might be maxed out eventually if he were forced to remain under the surface for too long. Whatever the case, Wolverine can swim, and a lot of it has to do with how insanely tough he is, not to mention that every time he moves, every time he punches, kicks, or even breathes in and out, his body has to be stronger than most due to the heavy, metal-infused skeleton he’s packing around. Wolverine is one of the many characters whose power set has been altered as the years have gone on since in the beginning, we didn’t know much about the guy other than that he had two sets of claws, a nasty disposition, and was from Canada. Oh, and he tangled with the Hulk in his first outing which was the start of their continual feud.

But things have changed for one of the world’s favorite mutants over the years since he’s been through quite a bit. To think that wondering how he can swim is one of the biggest questions isn’t too surprising since there are a lot of things about Wolverine that people either don’t know or end up getting wrong simply because we don’t talk about them that often. But when it comes to being near or in the water, one doesn’t normally see Logan eager to take a swim, and the obvious reason is that he doesn’t enjoy the supreme effort it takes to get himself back to dry land. The fact that he can swim doesn’t always mean that the character would want to get that close to the water since without a breathing apparatus of some sort to help him out, trying to exist for longer than a few minutes at the bottom of an ocean or any body of water sounds like it would be kind of rough for Wolverine since the continual repair of any damage would mean that he might ‘die’ numerous times until his healing factor simply gave out. It might take a while for his healing factor to really go kaput in this manner, which means it would be a rather horrible way to die.

Logan has gone through so much since his inclusion into the Marvel universe that wondering how he can do one thing or another is pretty simple these days. He can do so because he’s been made into one of the toughest characters possible with one of the most troubling backstories. When wondering why he goes into berserker rages, why he’s blocked out much of his past, and why he’s such an irritable character, one only has to look into the past that Marvel has created for him to realize that he has every right to be cranky since he’s had to give up a lot in order to get very little at times. But in terms of how tough he is, swimming is a good measure of that particular trait.

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