Here’s Why Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Should Be Turned into a Movie

Here’s Why Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Should Be Turned into a Movie
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Asking for another Assassin’s Creed movie is bound to be a little bit problematic simply because a lot of fans didn’t care for the first one with Michael Fassbender. Why is still a question, especially since the action scenes were a lot of fun, even if there were a lot of questions to be answered by the time the end credits began to roll. But to be fair, it wasn’t so terrible that it couldn’t be followed up with another line of movies or given companion movies that would be a part of the franchise. Many fans have their own idea of which Assassin’s Creed game is the best, and some folks wouldn’t put Valhalla that high on the list, but there are reasons why it would work and why it would be one of the best possible stories to tell, especially in light of how popular the Viking culture has become in pop culture over the years. While Valhalla doesn’t have the seniority of many other games in this franchise, it does have a link to a very popular theme that a lot of people might enjoy watching. 

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The battle scenes could be just as incredible, if not better. 

There’s not much doubt that a movie about assassins and Vikings would be violent and bloody and offer up the types of actions sequences that would impress a lot of people, and a Viking assassin would be even better since brute force coupled with cunning and deadly skill is something that might be impressive on screen. According to history, assassinations did take place within Viking culture, but as one can imagine, they performed these actions their way, which doesn’t always mean hooded assailants striking from the shadows with daggers, crossbows, or other devious weapons. While it’s fair to say that this movie wouldn’t be factual in nature, it would still be a cinematic wonder if given to the right director. 

It does feel as though a change in the story could help this franchise. 

If anyone is going, to be honest, a little change to the narrative of this story wouldn’t hurt since advancing it beyond Altair and Ezio would be nice, and taking it to a different land where the influence of the Creed could be just as helpful could help this story to flourish and become a true cinematic wonder. Plus, it could help to bring in a bit of world-building that would take the franchise in a direction that a lot of people might like to see, especially since Vikings are an interesting bunch to learn about, particularly since they’ve been shown to be far more than the savages that some believed them to be in the past, and this movie could go into that at least a little bit to further show the kind of lives that these fierce individuals experienced, as they were farmers and landowners as well as warriors. The game actually shows this as the player is encouraged to build up their town while raiding and establishing links to other locations in order to build strength within the region. Through historical texts, it’s easy to see that matters between the Vikings and the English were not friendly at all times, but it wasn’t all warfare. If the movie could show this, it would be…intriguing. 

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It would be fun to see both male and female assassins, thereby satisfying more people with one movie.

Since the Valhalla game does have two options to choose from when it comes to gender, it does make a lot of sense that the story could be changed just enough to accommodate this choice in gender. It’s likely that someone would raise the complaint of why there aren’t any more choices, but oh well, that’s bound to happen. But if a brother and sister dynamic could be pushed, that would be a lot of fun, as two very different fighting styles within the same movie could be advantageous and kind of difficult, but still interesting enough that it would change things up from the last movie. It’s true that there were two assassins that became the main focus in the first movie, but this time around, it does feel as if it would be different since it could be built up in a way that would allow the story to cater to a wider audience. 

People do want another Assassin’s Creed movie. 

It doesn’t matter if people want another movie because they thought the last one was horrible or because they want something else. It’s the fact that they want another one and that it would probably turn out a little better, hopefully. In any case, it does feel that working on the Valhalla theme would be great since it would grant yet another tale based on Vikings and their raids of England, with the Creed involved in a very interesting way. 

The Viking theme feels like it would make this movie a little more exciting. 

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