Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 8 Review: “Things We Lost in the Fire”

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 8 Review: “Things We Lost in the Fire”

Grey's Anatomy

We have a lot to talk about, and I do mean a lot! The fall finale of Grey’s Anatomy had one shocking cliffhanger after another, not to be outdone by the two revelations about Dr. Owen Hunt.

Let’s start with the easy stuff. Arizona makes a connection with a female firefighter. Excited for the first time in months she tries to enlist her wingman to help her. Webber is just incredulous at what his life has become. Too bad Arizona’s magical connection is otherwise involved. Not to worry, it’s nothing a night out at the lesbian bar with her wingman can’t fix.

The ER is slammed with patients admitted from a large forest fire. It’s Bailey’s first mass trauma since she became the chief, so she’s on her toes and nervous. She refuses to divert the burn victims to other hospitals after the hospital has reached capacity, so she uses the cafeteria as an extra triage space. At the same time she is dealing with a gallant patient who wants his men to be checked out before him. Bailey knows that he has no chance of survival at this point. All they can do is make him more comfortable while he waits for his wife. At the end of the day the hospital saved 39 out of the 40 people they admitted, but Bailey still feels the heartache of that one.

Maggie is enjoying her time with Andrew, and who can blame her? Maggie has never been too comfortable being apart of a couple, she’s just happy to be able to enjoy herself. Her first instinct is to shy away from Andrew even when he tries to comfort her. Andrew tries to break down Maggie’s barriers and they at least manage to meet each other halfway for now.

It only goes downhill from here. Jackson and April avoid talking about their roll in the hay all day long. Callie tries, and fails, to help Jackson figure out what is going on in his marriage. Her attempts would be helpful if they weren’t so darkly comical. Jackson and April don’t resolve much of anything by the end of the hour, but their argument does set up the first cliffhanger where April asks Jackson what he wants to do.

There is nothing even remotely funny about the state of affairs Meredith Grey is involved in. Alex is in danger of losing Jo over his friendship with Meredith. Jo rightly claims that Meredith acts as if she doesn’t exist yet calls and talks to Alex for everything. Alex fires back saying that Meredith has been the one person he could count on for years. We can look at this from both sides.  Alex is rightfully loyal to Meredith, but Jo is right that Meredith’s treatment of her should have at least improved by now. Now would be the time when Jo could use someone on her side, but she and Stephanie are still on the outs. They do patch things up, and Jo goes home to Alex to ask for some space from their relationship. This is exactly the opposite of what Alex is thinking as he gets down on one knee with a ring in hand. Alex makes a sweet speech where he chooses Jo, hopefully for the rest of his life if she’ll have him.

The whole hospital is trying to figure out what the deal is between Owen and Riggs. Amelia is amongst those who want to know despite the fact that she is seeing Owen so people probably assume she knows. Her attempts at a conversation with Meredith about this are met with stone cold indifference. Loyal to Owen, Meredith doesn’t trust Riggs around her patients. The situation is complicated even more by the fact that Meredith and Riggs’ patient turns out to be Owen’s mother’s boyfriend. After an emotional reunion between Owen’s mother and Briggs, the truth is revealed to the audience: Owen and Nathan Riggs are brothers. Owen’s mother confides in Meredith, which is really the last straw for Amelia. Meredith coldly tells Amelia that she is not her sister, she is loyal to Cristina, and after Amelia tears into her, kicks her out of the house. The next we see of Amelia she is letting go of her sobriety at the bar. Meredith’s only concern at the moment is for Owen. She then drops the bombshell that she knows about the sister he never mentioned.

Will Jackson and April divorce? What exactly happened between Owen, Nathan, and their sister? Will Jo say yes to Alex’s proposal? Will anyone notice that Amelia is drowning?

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