Grey’s Anatomy “I Saw Her Standing There” Recap

Grey’s Anatomy “I Saw Her Standing There” Recap

Grey’s Anatomy  “I Saw Her Standing There” Recap

Grey’s Anatomy star Kevin McKidd directed tonight’s episode and promised us a lighter and more upbeat episode.  So how did he do?  Let’s get into the high points of “I Saw Her Standing There”.

In terms of sex, tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy definitely moved the needle in that department.  We started out with Meredith and Derek doing their thing, then cut to Christina getting a little action as well.  She has hooked up with Dr. Parker, but don’t worry too much Cristina and Owen fans,  it seems that Cristina is still devoted to Owen despite this booty call.  However, how will Owen take it if the truth comes out.  Ouch.

On the subject of love affairs being kept off the record, Catherine and Chief Webber are still trying to keep their fling from Jackson.  What is Grey’s Anatomy without a good secret romance?  Well as it turns out their quest to keep it secret backfires when they don’t invite Jackson into a big plastic surgery operation, and he finally probes deep enough to find out what is going on.  There is a somewhat tense moment where Jackson confronts the Chief, but he finally, grudgingly, gives his bless.  Sort of.  Something tells me this is not over.

Arizona showed up to get fitted for her leg and was appropriately mopey given her situation.  She still holds her grudge against Callie and uses the poor girl as a whipping post.  Alex decides to mediate, convincing Arizona that Callie too is suffering and trying desperately to normalize.  His talk works and we finally, like a ray of sunshine, see Arizona smile.

We also found out tonight that Christina has been spying on the elder Dr. Thomas for Dr. Parker.  It seems the hospital wants to oust him because they fear he is going to screw up due to his age and invite malpractice suits to the Hospital.  While Christina tries to help Dr. Thomas, Owen begins to get his own ideas about what is going on and moves into Derek’s trailer.  Alone.

All in all one of the more enjoyable episodes of Grey’s Anatomy this season.  I think Kevin McKidd does a fantastic job, and all of his episodes so far have seemed to have slightly more nuance in the characterizations.  Perhaps an actor’s touch at play, or maybe he is just affording the cast more freedom.  Either way, his efforts continue to be a huge success and I expect we’ll continue to see him directing from time to time.



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