Gladiator 2 Will Make Sense Thankfully

Gladiator 2 Will Make Sense Thankfully
Gladiator 2 Will Make Sense Thankfully

credit: Gladiator

Gladiator 2 will make sense, thankfully. Whether it will stand up as a great addition to the original movie isn’t known yet. Ridley Scott, who will take on this project, is confident that it will follow the first movie without fault. At the moment, this is what fans have to go on. 

Apparently, the story will follow the life of Lucius, the son of Lucilla, who was portrayed by Connie Nielsen. Lucius will apparently come to realize that his heritage is not what he thought. The discovery that he is the secret son of Maximus, portrayed by Russell Crowe, is not a surprising twist. But it does feel as though, within the movie, this fact will create a lot of drama. 

Paul Mescal is currently in talks to possibly take on the role. Obviously, this means that a decent span of time will have passed between the first and second movies. There’s nothing saying that Connie Nielsen will return, and it does feel as though, one way or another, it won’t matter. 

The idea of this movie did sound insane to start with since the main character and the villain were both killed. But giving a sound and logical way for the story to continue, albeit with a new lead, does sound a little intriguing. 

Gladiator 2 Will Make Sense Thankfully

credit: Gladiator

The cast feels like it should change in a big way

Many of those that starred in the original movie is either too old or were killed off in the first story. Djimon Honsou and Connie Nielsen are two of the only cast members who would make sense to bring back. It does feel that Tomas Arana would serve this story well as Quintus once again, but it all depends on who wants to come back. 

Spencer Treat Clark, who portrayed Lucius as a young boy, obviously wasn’t a choice that Ridley Scott wanted. It’s kind of interesting to think of why since Clark grew up and could easily portray the same role. But it’s easy to think that Scott simply sees more in his choice for various reasons. It’s tough to question Scott’s choice since Gladiator was a great movie. 

There is the need to wonder if Paul Mescal is the right choice, but there are reasons for this. He has proved himself as an outstanding actor thus far. But as it happens, young actors need to prove themselves over and over until they’re seen as sound choices for any role. 

Lucius’s story needs a definite direction

It does sound as though Lucius’s quest to find who his real father is could stand as its own story. After all, it’s not as though DNA tests were a thing in ancient times. Plus, word of mouth could easily misconstrue someone’s beliefs in a big way at that time. But the idea of building trust and showing character development could take place in a big way in this movie. 

It also depends on what course Lucius’s life takes after the first movie. Given that Lucilla likely depended heavily on Commodus and their father before him, what happens to mother and son is important to the story. Without that, the logical step that Scott is promising doesn’t feel as though it would make sense. 

Gladiator 2 Will Make Sense Thankfully

credit: Normal People

It’s easy to wonder if Maximus’ reputation is going to fuel this story

One has to remember that Maximus was a huge part of this story, as it was his life that was on display. Thanks to that, it stands to reason that his name would still carry a bit of weight. Depending on how he’s remembered, as a general, a gladiator, a slave, or the man who killed an emperor, his name could still resonate in Lucius’s world. 

That could end up as a bad thing or a good thing, depending on how the story is written. Again, it kind of depends on what happens to Lucius and his mother, and everything else should follow after. But thinking that Maximus’ reputation and name will last this long is hopeful, even if it’s not entirely realistic. The world does move on, after all.

But it does feel that his name should still command awe and respect, at least a little. 

Paul Mescal is still a relatively new actor

He’s not someone that’s just stepped in off the street, which is a plus. At the moment, it doesn’t sound as though anything is confirmed, but it could happen at any point. One thing to note about new actors is that they do bring a new perspective to the industry.

This means that if Mescal is selected that he could possibly take the role of Lucius in a direction that would make this sequel work. It all depends on if he’s a strong and versatile actor that can adapt to and evolve with a role. 

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